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message 1: by Ted (new)

Ted (tedboone) I finished reading our first assigned book a few days ago, so here are my brief thoughts. They may contain spoilers, so if you haven't finished reading it, please consider yourself warned.

First, for a book that was written seventy years ago, the science-fiction flavor of the story holds up remarkably well. While Huxley may not get the specifics of how his future society (our current one) progresses, he's not far off the mark.

I didn't really sympathize with any of the characters in the book. In particular, the Savage turns out to be a religious zealot addicted to suffering for suffering's sake, which pissed me off. Is that really the only alternative to living in blissful ignorance as a cog in the caste system the rest of the world participates in? It seems like two major extremes, with no room for the happy middle ground.

I did, however, find the idea of a genetically created caste system to be rather interesting. While we don't forcibly create such stratas today, they certainly still exist due to natural selection. Will our disparate ways of life, particularly in the U.S., become even more stratified with time? Or might we move into a future where automation and robotics eventually free us from mundane chores?

Overall, a very good, very thought-provoking read. I just wish there were some more sympathetic characters.

Your thoughts?


message 2: by Eric (new)

Eric | 13 comments I will finally get a chance to start reading this book today. Been busy with several other books this month.

message 3: by Anthony (new)

Anthony (rogue_hunter) I've read this twice in high school. Overall very good book.

I'd rather wait until more people have read, or posted that they've read the book before I make my comments.

message 4: by Eric (new)

Eric | 13 comments Finished reading this book on Friday. I think this book would have been ahead for its time, now it almost comes as a cliche.

I also found the technology of the book to be interesting. The caste system helps society along by not allowing for upward mobility, which is important in our society. We pride ourselves on the idea of "bettering" ourselves. IE, even janitors can dream of doing something else.

John Savage was an interesting addition. A kind of nostalgic look into the past for the rest of the characters. While he was important to the book, he became the book, which I did not like.

The most interesting character was Mond (European leader). He seems to be everything. He understood everything as well. I especially liked how he thought the Savage as an experiment.

Would he consider the experiment a success or failure?

PS- The book reminded me of Ayn Rand's titles.

Derek (Torrefaction) | 14 comments Just finished reading the book a couple days ago. I don't agree with Eric about the cliche so much, but maybe it's because I've always been aware that this book was the inspiration of so many others that I've loved. Here's my comments, from the review.

This was a very powerful book, and shows an insight that is nothing short of incredible on behalf of the author. It took a while for the book to really engage me...I started to become interested in Bernard in what seemed to me to be too far in the story. It wasn't until we see the Savage that I really got hooked. The character fascinated me, being highly intelligent but raised in such a limited fashion.

The comparisons we can make to where our culture has headed are nothing short of astounding. It's a little scary to think about this being written in the 30's...that's what struck me first about the book.

I haven't read the Revisted part yet, but given how much foresight this author seems to have, I plan on reading it. My only real criticism is that sometimes the sentence structure and grammar came across as very jarring. Whatever it's literary purpose was intended for, it didn't come across very well for me.

message 6: by Nat (new)

Nat | 13 comments Genetic caste: Gattaca is required viewing.

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