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message 1: by Maria (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:30AM) (new)

Maria Elmvang (kiwiria) | 30 comments Am SO glad to have found this group, because I've been looking for a certain book for *years* and so far nobody has been able to help me.

It's 'light' literature of the Sandra Brown/Nora Roberts variety. I don't remember much of it at all, other than that the main character is a woman who's accused of murdering her husband by serving him poisionous mushrooms instead of the ordinary mushrooms she claims that it was (the mushrooms were picked in the forest by her and maybe also her husband? not too sure about that one).

A bagger in the local supermarket used to flirt a lot with her, and would also follow her home (don't remember if this was before or after she was accused). I *think* it turns out that he has part in her accusation, and makes fun of her for thinking he was actually flirting with her for real: "would I flirt with a pathetic old lady like you?!" or something like that.

It's at least 10 years old, as I read it while still in high school (1997-1999) and it wasn't new at the time.

This is very vague, I know, which is why I've had no luck in finding it so far. I hope somebody here will be able to help me.

message 2: by Maria (last edited Aug 25, 2016 11:47AM) (new)

Maria Elmvang (kiwiria) | 30 comments Am bumping this up in the hopes that fresh eyes will see it and hopefully help me find it.

message 3: by Anna (last edited Aug 25, 2016 01:19PM) (new)

Anna | 207 comments Sounds like 'Rosie Meadows Regrets' by Catherine Alliott.


If you're planning to read it again, enjoy it. She's a pretty good writer within the genre.

message 4: by Maria (new)

Maria Elmvang (kiwiria) | 30 comments Definitely not it, as I read it while in high school (1997-1999) and "Rosie Meadows Regrets" wasn't published until 2007. But thanks anyway.

message 5: by Anna (new)

Anna | 207 comments It was first published in the late 90s - it's been reissued since, so if you're looking on Amazon at a new edition, it will give you a later publication date.

I'm certain it is Rose Meadow Regrets - all the facts fit.

message 6: by Maria (new)

Maria Elmvang (kiwiria) | 30 comments Ooh! Interesting! Thanks.

message 7: by Lobstergirl, au gratin (new)

Lobstergirl | 36940 comments Mod
Rosie Meadows Regrets for Anna's link. Maria, was that your book?

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