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Question to Icelanders

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Severine I'm reading this novel right now. It's the 3rd novel from this writer that I read. As godreads doesn't propose to see the original icelandic edition, I suppose Icelandic readers would add this edition to their books...
The universe of Erlendur fascinates me, but I don't recognize in it the little I know about Iceland and Icelanders. I've been 3 times in Iceland, I have friends there, but this doesn't mean I know the society. Is Arnaldur Indridason considered in Iceland as a fine critical observer of the society, or as a very imaginative writer?

Védís Like many nordic crime writers his novels contain critique on society - and the society in his books is quite accurate I believe - what is it you don't recognize? (I know you asked this a rediculously long time ago but I wanted to answer anyways).

Tony Rampling he is an incredible writer!!

Diana Heckert I have read all of his books that have been translated to English and have enjoyed them all. Does anyone know if he is writing a new one anytime soon?

Jovan As a Balkan resident, reading how troubled and bad is living in Iceland and Norway Ju Nesbe, gives my eyebrow getting up out of itself?
Also i just finished Ebony (book of Africa - tea for diiner, and some pet food, if any, for sopper)

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