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Use this threat to post all your thoughts on the new Harry Potter.

So the HP series is very close to my heart. I watched the first movie and then read the books. They made me love reading again and then I knew I wanted to be a teacher!

I'm still miffed that we all haven't gotten to enjoy Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince yet due to the studio holding the release. But, the time is nearing and I'm pumped! The trailers look SICK and I'm extra excited!

If you haven't seen THIS trailer yet [trailer #4 I believe:] you need to drop everything and watch:


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Paige i love that trailer! i wish the movie came out in november like it was supposed to!!!! :( i am sooo excited for the next movie!

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Melyssa | 23 comments I've loved all the trailers they've released so far!! Even the new posters are looking great! Especially Snape's and Draco's! I'm so excited for this movie!! This will be the first Potter film that I am going to go to the midnight release. I don't care what it takes! *lol*

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Paige i think i am going to the midnight release! it would be my first HP midnight release too!

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