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The River Why by David James Duncan

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message 1: by Sally (new)

Sally | 1 comments Hi Gina, et al. I just finished this book by the same author as The Brothers K. (Recently read by the Cong. Church Book Group) I borrowed it through the interlibrary loan. It was great, laugh out loud in some parts and well written. Much shorter read than Brothers K and enjoyed it more. It is an older book, copyright '83, I think, but highly acclaimed when it was new. The reviews on goodreads were all 5 stars for this book. Check it out. I recommend it to the library. My husband is trying to fit reading it before I return it. This forum should be interesting. Give me your recent recommendations.

message 2: by Gina (new)

Gina (catmother) | 1 comments Hi Sally,

Thanks for sharing your input. I may purchase it myself for the library to share with others. I'm sure we probable had it at one time. It's so hard to keep all books and that's why the inter-library loan is so nice. I'm excited about checking this title out. Thanks! I've ventured in to reading a non-fiction for a change of pace so my most recent one isn't recent plus it's non-fiction. I'm trying to get started with one of the book club book choices so I can join the group one of these months. I don't have time to read April's choice at this point unless I purchase a copy. One of the other girls has recently checked it out at the library. I'm going to keep trying to get into the group once I get on a roll. I have read The Education of Little Tree but need a refresher on that one. It's a short read so maybe next month.

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