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Which 3 of Merlin's predictions in "The Crystal Cave" by Mary Stewart are important to the develoof the plot??

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Jessica please discuss this question

message 2: by Sue (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sue Bursztynski Hi. Jessica! Been years since I read it. Why not start with your opinion?

Karen It's also been years since she posted the question. LOL

Gwen It's been years since I read the book. I remember loving it, though.

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Sue Bursztynski Hi Gwendoline. Looks like we're alone on a topic page that no one picked up. Nice to meet a fellow Mary Stewart reader, though!

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Sue Bursztynski Sorry for the "Gwendoline", Gwen. Predictive thingie on iPad.

Lesley Arrowsmith I would have thought top of the list would have to be the fighting red and white dragons under the tower that kept falling down. That's from the original myth, after all (and what a disappointment that scene was in the BBC TV series).

Moonlight Sometimes when I see questions like this, I feel like I am being asked to do someone else's homework. This trilogy of books were some of my favorites. I like her mysteries as well.

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