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message 1: by Jen (new)

Jen post the island you need help in. and most likely someone will help you.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

I never knew you guys help on poptropica. Well... I need help on spy. I only have 4 medals.

message 3: by Jen (new)

Jen okay, well I just felt like adding it.

message 4: by Jen (new)

Jen hold on

message 5: by Jen (new)

Jen First, go to Spy Island. Go to the headquarters and find Director D. Talk to him and get the decoder kit. Get out and jump to the top of the building. There will be a guy there. Then translate the message you get from the guy on top of the headquarters. The coded message says, when Dr. Spyglass points to a symbol, choose the one that faces in the… "OPPOSITE DIRECTION". Then go to Dr. Spyglass's, the eye doctor, building. Take the eye test but whatever the doctor points to, choose the "E" that faces the opposite direction. (An "E" facing upwards would mean that you needed to choose an "E" facing downwards.) If you did it correctly, he will say "I see that Director D has sent you. Meet me upstairs."
Then he will go to the upstairs room then you will have to get out of the room and climb the ladder to the left and enter the door. Next go inside and he will give you a suit that will make you almost invisible. The suit is called the "Chameleon Suit".

The 1st Spy - Then go to the Docks and get the message from the guy in the trash can. He will give you a message that says, There's a secret entrance to the warehouse "ON THE ROOF". Now put on your chameleon suit. Climb as high as you can there and avoid the B.A.D. guards, because if you bump into them they will knock you over and because they can see you when you move. You'll find a door. Go in and continue. Be careful of the dogs. They'll bite you. Then there is a room you can go in. Then go to the roof and get inside. Go past the dogs by rushing at them, but not letting them touch you. Then stop. They can't see you because of your suit, and they will walk on. Do this with all the dogs. At the bottom, go left. You should see some little platforms above you. Get on them, and jump to the other side. You should have landed in some kind of small hidden room. Talk to the tied up spy there to free him. He will give you a laser pen and a satellite clue.

The 2nd Spy - Now leave the warehouse and go back to Main Street. Then go all the way to the right and go to Balding Avenue. If you continue to the right you will see a guy wearing green camouflage. Talk to him and he'll give you a message that says, There's a top B.A.D. agent in Bistro. To access the B.A.D. control center you'll need his "FINGERPRINT". Keep going right until you get to a place called B.A.D. Bistro. Take off your suit and go in (The chameleon suit isn't allowed inside.). Go all the way to the right to the kitchen and talk to the chef. Ask to apply for the job and he will tell you that you need to pass a test. It's simply a game of Simon Says. If you win the game then he'll give you a chef's hat and if you win, you become a chef, if you lost, try again. Then you go to the table with people at it and click on the guy with the mustache. He'll ask you to fill up his glass. You'll get the glass with his fingerprint on it. Go back into the kitchen and jump on the fridge then jump on the shelf and there will be an opening above you. Go through it and jump from lamp to lamp till you get to the wall. Then fall to the ground and get out of the room. Go right and you'll see another guy in camouflage. Talk to him and he'll give you an item -"Secret Letter" - that you must decode. It looks like a bunch of random words. That's because… it is! All you need to do is read the first letter of every line and it reads "DON'T TRUST DIRECTOR D". Now continue right and go to Toupee Terrace. Then you have to carefully get to the top of the house without getting zapped. It may seem hard at first but once you get the hang of it, it's pretty easy. When you get to the top you'll find a window with bars in front of it. Get in front of the window and it will show a close up of the window. Your mouse is now the laser pen. Click on the bars to cut them to pieces. Then you'll be able to get in. Go inside, and you'll be in the attic. Now go left and you will see another secret agent tied up there. Free him and he will give you an item - "Grappling Bowtie". This will help you reach high heights. He'll also give you another satellite clue.

The 3rd Spy - Get out and go back to Balding Avenue. Now go as high as you can using the grappling bowtie. (To use the grappling bowtie just click on the bowtie on the bottom left and click which way you want to go.) Go up to the rooftops. Use your grappling bowtie to try to grab another platform. Be careful, there's a B.A.D. guard there. Now use your grappling bowtie to try to grab another platform or antenna at the top left. Talk to the guy there. Now aim your bowtie to the far right and try to grab another antenna. When you swing over there and are directly above the building click again (at the top of the screen) so that they let go of the rope. Otherwise they will swing back.

Then enter the tube thing. You are now in a greenhouse. It is recommended that you take off your Bowtie, because wearing it will make this part more difficult. Go to the far right and you will see a cherry bomb tree. Click on the cherry bomb and move the cherry bomb left. Now push it to the flower thing on the ground and it will bounce it to a higher floor. Get on that floor and push it to the left till it falls on the lower platform. Push it onto the other bouncy flower thing and it will go to a higher platform. Go to that platform, (Watch out for the flytraps. It will throw you off!) and finally it to the cage with the spy agent girl trapped in inside. Now push the cherry bomb in front of the cage and wait until it blows up. When it does, the cage door breaks and the girl is free. The spy will give you a pair of "Ultra-Vision Goggles" and the last satellite clue.

Director D. - Now leave the greenhouse and go back to Balding Avenue. Move right and go to Toupee Terrace. Go all the way to the right again until you reach the B.A.D. control center. Go to the B.A.D. Control Center, and put on your ultra-vision goggles. You will see that the zaps are timed, so you will know when it is safe to go. Move along to the right, then when you reach a dead end, move up. Soon you should see a door. Click it and use the fingerprint on the glass to unlock it. Once you're inside the room, climb up the platforms, avoiding all zaps. When you reach the top you will see a computer. Click on it and enter the passwords, or passcodes. The three passwords for the teleporter are 1: laser 2: hair 3: removal.

Then Director D. will show his true self. Go into the teleporter and Director D. will say something. Then his mini bots will come out. To destroy the mini bots lead them to those yellow orbs when their plugs hit it they will explode. There will be 4 minibots, and there are 4 yellow orbs - one on the bottom right, one on the bottom left, one on the top right and one on the top left. Use your bowtie to help you get to the top parts. When Director D. fights you with his machine, make it crash onto the ceiling four times. To do this, get onto the top of the machine while it is moving and wait for it to crash, or make your way up to the ceiling (wit your grappling bowtie) and hang in there. The machine will be along and it will crash. (You will know when a crash was successful if you see the word "CRUNCH".)

The Reward - When you defeat Director D., you will be brought back to the headquarters. The top secretary in the spy headquarters will present you with your reward, the island medallion. Congratulations, you've completed the Spy Island Quest! Director D. will be locked up in a little prison cell inside headquarters, and you will be the new director! Your agent name will be based on "Director ", depending on what your last name is in Poptropica. So, for example, if your Poptropican's name is Scary Tomato (that's me), you would be "Director Tomato" after you defeat Director D. However, this is only your agent name - when you're in multiplayer battle/chat rooms, it doesn't apply.

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Thanks for the info. It's very long too. I will be sure to use it.

message 7: by Jen (new)

Jen yea! have fun reading it.

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I will. Are we the only ones who use this one?

message 9: by Jen (new)

Jen so far YES

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Good for you. You got a poptropica pic. :)

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Jen i did!!!!

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Yay!!! :)

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=== ??

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never mind

message 17: by Jen (new)

Jen go to

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

it is a awesome website :)

message 19: by Jen (new)

Jen and you don't have to give any information to create an account

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Only your gender and age

message 21: by Jen (new)

Jen well that is just to create the look and name of the person

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I know

message 23: by [deleted user] (new)

I love Poptropica, but I can't get past 24 Carrot Island HELP!

message 24: by Jen (new)

Jen First you go to the farm. You will see a house with broken windows. Jump on it.

Then enter the chimney. If you look closely you can see glass bowl. Pick it up, then exit through the chimney.

Go back to Main Street and go into the Carrot King Diner. Walk around until you see a lady dressed up as a waitress. Click on her and ask her if she can pour some milk into the glass bowl.

Then go back to the farm and go in the chimney again. Walk to the end of the room and there should be a box that says up. Jump on top of it and climb up the light.

Go into the bathroom and turn on the shower. A gray cat will jump out of the tub. Chase the cat downstairs and lead her to the bowl full of milk. Once she is done drinking it, she will follow you where ever you go.

Exit through the chimney again and go back to Main Street. Go into Charlie's Hardware store and give Charlie her cat. In return she will give you a crowbar.

Go to the factory and find the vent system blueprint on the roof. Then go down to a big pipe. Open it with the crowbar.

Explore the factory through the vent system, release all the bunny drones, and cancel the evil pink bunny's rocket launch.

To get the medal, go back to Main Street and talk to the mayor.

message 25: by Jen (new)

Jen Once again I will quote someones elses answer 'cause it is so good:
First go to the PROCESSING ROOM. On your way there, you will pick up a pair of WIRE CUTTERS. Then, turn around and head to the FREEZER. In the freezer, you will find a security box. Cut the wires and go out. Then head to the PROCESSING ROOM again. Go inside and then talk to the people to disable their mind control rabbot ears. Head back to the PRINTER ROOM. Disable the person's rabbot ears and she will show you a piece of paper that prints out (It says "Password:fuzzybunny"). Go back to the PROCESSING ROOM. Go into the big metal doors where it says EXIT. It will take you to a room with giant smashing machines. There, you will find a pair of RABBOT EARS. Use your CARROT TRANSPORTER to take you out. It will take you OUTSIDE, so just go inside the factory again and repeat the flippy things and the room with the switches until you get to the vents.
2. When you finally are back into the vents, go to the PROCESSING ROOM and go to the metal doors that say EXIT. Dr. Hare is waiting for you and he tells you something. Go up to the computer and type in the password (fuzzybunny) and the task (launch rabbot). A little screen will pop up, kind of like a video game. Use the joystick to steer the rabbot into the meteors to crash it. When you defeat Dr. Hare and his rabbot, climb up the rope back to Main Street. Talk to the Mayor and he'll give you a medallion. You've just beaten 24 Carrot, congratulations to you.
Hope that it's helpful
Good luck!

Sorry I didn't relise you didn't know how to get into the vents.
Well you put the first knob of the engine in the middle the second at the bottom and the third one in the middle. This turns the machine on. Now get onto the moving claw and it will take you to the place where you enter the vents.

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Somehow when I went into Charlie's store, my character changed completely! I no cat following me, even my character doesn't even look the same!:( Please help me!

message 27: by [deleted user] (new)

On Big Nate's Island, my friend can't get past the seagul by the bell. Help please! :)

message 28: by Jen (new)

Jen you go to the lighthouse and you have to shine the light on the school

message 29: by [deleted user] (new)

thank you!

message 30: by [deleted user] (new)

My friends say "Thank you very much!"

message 31: by Jen (new)

Jen your welcome

message 32: by Mamta (new)

Mamta Mertner hey i will tell you how to finish early poptropica!

message 33: by Mamta (new)

Mamta Mertner you have to...

message 34: by Mamta (new)

Mamta Mertner first go up the bean stork, that is in poptropica towers.

message 35: by Mamta (new)

Mamta Mertner talk to the big giant.

message 36: by Mamta (new)

Mamta Mertner go to the town. go down the well. get the glowstick. come back up. talk to the people. go down the two holes, one in the main street one in poptropica towers. get the stuff. give the egg to the giant. he will let you through.

message 37: by Mamta (new)

Mamta Mertner dont go through! give the pig to the person who asked for it.

message 38: by Mamta (new)

Mamta Mertner then go through. keep going, and you will see other places like, the giants garden or the air craft.

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message 40: by Mamta (new)

Mamta Mertner oh and i have completed all the islands. spy island, early poptropica, nabboti island,shark tooth island, 24 carrot island!

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Thanks for the help on Early Poptropica! :)

message 42: by Naomi (new)

Naomi (choclatier07) The Poptropica Help Blog is really good for this.

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I remember having SOOOOOO much trouble with 24 carrot. It's the hardest of them all.

message 44: by Jen (new)

Jen I used cheats!

message 45: by grace (new)

grace (gihoran) | 24 comments So did I!!

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message 47: by Jen (new)

Jen I KNOW!!! We Sooo have to bring it back up... LOL!

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