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History and Day by Day living in 1504

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Brian I love books like this that teach you history, but also give you a sense of how people actually lived day by day in other time periods. There are several great moments when you learn fun facts from the time - that the punishment for killing your father is to be sewn up in a sack with a monkey, a snake, a chicken and thrown into the river, that the pope growing a beard was a major deal, and the Roman carnival included racing cripples down the street.
You also learn some art history from the time - how artists included portraits of themselves and others in frescos, and the meaning of all of the figures on the Sistine Chapel.
Highly recommended.

Whimsical I read this book after visiting Florence and it made so much sense. Also having just visited the Dome made me appreciate the the enormous talent, patience and vision of this artist.

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