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allie was skating in the school hall ways...

Ana Is Love Struck (writtendreamer) | 17 comments Mod
Amara walked down the halls as she watched people scatter then chuckled as she moved against the lockers watching you skate past. Her lips etched into a smirk as she watched the people recover from your sudden apperence.

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allie was skating around when she collided into a really hot guy who was skating as well....

Ana Is Love Struck (writtendreamer) | 17 comments Mod
Amara chuckled and then ran to the aid of the fallen skaters. She knelt down slowly and offered her hands to the both of them. "Need a hand?" She spoke softly, her lips curling upwards into a sweet smile

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"no im fine." allie said brushing herself off..
"hey dude watch where your going."
allie was pist...
stupid human allie thought

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Massie | 21 comments Lucy rushed down the hall, trying to get past the skaters and to her study group. She stopped immediately when she recognized the two other vampires in the room.
"Hey guys," she called, trying to be friendly to those of her kind.

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allie said...

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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 208 comments Anita looked around she hated new schools, this was the forth one this year.

Ana Is Love Struck (writtendreamer) | 17 comments Mod
Amara laughed watching Allie, her eyes shifting to Lucy and waved "Hey Lucy" She giggled softly before looking at the before seeing the new girl. "Hello" She called out before racing over to her, stopping infront of her. Her lips curled upwards "I'm Amara" She offered her hand to Anita

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allie got her skate board and skated away from the scene as fast as possible.
wow that guy was a cutie too bad he was a stupid human.. allie thought.

Ana Is Love Struck (writtendreamer) | 17 comments Mod
Amara heard your thoughts and turned chuckleing sofly. Her eyes shifted around as she turned her full attention on Anita

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Massie | 21 comments "Hi," Lucy said to Anita. "Welcome to Middlebrook High. And yes, its always this crazy. I'll catch up with you guys later. Study group. Bye!" She took off running to the library.

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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 208 comments "Oh hi I'm Anita," she said looking at Amara shaking her hand.

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allie was outside texting her mom too see if she could give her money so she could go shopping later she wanted some new shoes.

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Massie | 21 comments Lucy trudged out of the library. Her study group had been cancelled. She walked over to the girls.

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"hey lucy" allie was in a better mood now.

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Massie | 21 comments "What's up? Wanna go shopping later?" Lucy asked

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"dude totally my mom said she would give me money! so i can pick you up. if you want"
allie was glad she was able to meet a vampire her age well what looked like her age.

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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 208 comments "I have to go sorry." Anita said going towards her locker and putting some more stuff inside.

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"okay well see ya later"

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While the two girls talked outside, they felt a suspicious and fearful vibe down their back as black sports car passed by them. The man inside didnt notice them until he sniffed the air and sensed that they were vampires. "Vampires, here?" Aiden told himself as he continued down the road. "Hmph..."

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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 208 comments Anita got into her convertible and drove down the rode, she sensed a wolf nearby, but really she didn't care she didn't think they were all that bad.

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Allie could smell his blood but refrained. he did look really goo though but just smelled bad.

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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 208 comments Anita realized the wolf was in the car in front of her, again she didn't care, at her last school her best friend had been a werewolf.

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allie was on her skater board heading towards her truck.

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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 208 comments Anita's hair flowed behind her as she drove quickly in her silver Thunderbird convertible.

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once Allie was in her truck she turned on her music super loud and drove towards the cafe.

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Aiden smelled the vampires near by. his family had a long conflict with their people and he idnt want to get involved in any drama. Aiden stepped on the gas peddle, ignoring the stop signs

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Allie was driving when the werewolf ignored the stop sign and they almost crashed
"stupid idiot!"allie said aloud

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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 208 comments Anita only had a few more miles till her turn off.

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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 208 comments Anita swerved around them she didn't care how people drove.

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"Holy..." his car turns to to dodge Allie's passing car and loses control. his car hits a tree and he's thrown out the window.

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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 208 comments Anita spins her car around and go to help the guy, "Are you alright?" she asked.

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Allie came to a stop and ran to check on the werewolf

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His vision is blurry but he can still here Anita's faint voice. he squints his eyes to try to get a better view of her. "Ah, wwhat just happened?" he asked.

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"you crashed into the tree and flew out the window"
allie said

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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 208 comments "You flew out of your car window, let me help you." Anita said grabbing his hand and helping him up.

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Allie went to the other side to help lift him up.

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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 208 comments ((Are you guys not on anymore or something?))

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((i am))

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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 208 comments ((Ok well I am so bored))

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((me too go to chat not here))

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((sorry i had to do somethin))
Limping to the side of the road with the help of Anita and Allie. "Thank you both, i owe you 2 alot for this." They sat him down on the side of the road to rest.

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((its all good))
"its no you need us to call the ambulance or are you gonna be oaky?"

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Aiden twisted his neck to crack the ache away. "I'll be fine, thank you." He looked at the 2 girls, "Excuse me for my rudeness, my name's Aiden." he stook out his hand to shake theirs.

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"nice to meet you aiden im allie"
allie said smilling

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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 208 comments "Nice to meet you, I'm Anita." she said.

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Old Isis  (sunny234243) | 208 comments ((Don't do too much without me have to do something real fast then I will be back on."

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"well since you okay im not so sure about your car"Allie thought
its messed up pretty badly....

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