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Fight Club

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message 1: by Zabyx (new)

Zabyx | 8 comments I just saw the movie and loved it. Will I like the book?

message 2: by Thad (new)

Thad Goozner (nnanji) | 3 comments I really enjoyed the book. They did a good job of translating the book to screen. If you read it let me know. I have a theory that Marla is another split to the narrator's personality. She is no more real than Durden. I thought the book made it a bit more plain, but maybe I'm reading too much into it.

message 3: by Zabyx (new)

Zabyx | 8 comments It might make sense. No one directly interacts with her at any of the life support meetings.

message 4: by Thad (new)

Thad Goozner (nnanji) | 3 comments Yeah, the only people in the movie that interact with her are Fight Club members, and they are in on the joke. Ie: They already know about the difference between Tyler and the narrator, so they might be aware of Marla as well.

It would also explain why all three of them are never in the same place, if you assume the narrator can only manifest two personalities at once.

message 5: by Anthony (new)

Anthony (rogue_hunter) Well, there is the whole theory that the characters in Fight Club are the ones from Calvin and Hobbes...although having Marla as another personality is an interesting angle.

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