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Anton Sigur and Albert Camus

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Alex (sartrekk) | 9 comments I saw the award winning Cohen Brothers film No Country for Old Men and I am struck by how much the villain, Anton Sigur, reminds me of the Caligula of Camus's play. Sigur, this "man of principles," strikes me as being on a high-minded, heart-poisoned mission to contribute to the chaotic universe he percieves. Most of all, he is scornful. "If the rule you lived by brought you to this, of what use was the rule?", Anton asks Woody Harrelson right before executing him.

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Alex (sartrekk) | 9 comments Alireza wrote: "yes,i am agree with you.that is grate.."
Awesome, Alireza. So you've seen No Country for Old Men and read Caligula?

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