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*luv of ur life* (aka caitlin) | 89 comments Mod

*luv of ur life* (aka caitlin) | 89 comments Mod
wat is dat

*luv of ur life* (aka caitlin) | 89 comments Mod
yeah i member

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i need help, the guy i like, well he likes my best friend, but she doesn't like him, so i thought that i would go for it, so when i started hanging out with him, he thought i wanted to be friends, so know he thinks that i can tell him about my friend he likes! HELP! how do i tell him i like him without ruining this new found friendship!?!?!

*luv of ur life* (aka caitlin) | 89 comments Mod
dont go out with her again

*luv of ur life* (aka caitlin) | 89 comments Mod

*luv of ur life* (aka caitlin) | 89 comments Mod

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techno (cyborg) | 3 comments Tally-wa tell him how you fell tell him he likes your friend but your friend isn't into him then say you are into him and at least he nows someone is into him meaning you but this is just a suggestion tell him when you are ready ok

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Kay, I'm just worried of being embaressed, wich is weird seeing how I've gone around doing the ELectric Slide outside of really fancy resteraunts, but anyways, I just don't want him to laugh at me. A really good guy once told me "You should never laugh at love." But I'm afraid, that he will laugh in my face, I dont want to be embaressed, or even worse....I don't want to cry.

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these things always cunfuzzle me, i cant really help unless i've seen the situation in person.
but i do kinda need some help...
wellz, there's this guy, he's like, one of meh best friends. he likes me, and he has since november.
i used to like him a lot, i've liked him every year starting in 3rd grade,
and 7th.
but i didnt tell him i liked him until January, and even then it was because he was kinda disappearing on me, and i didn't want him to.
and then i told one of meh friends, and they told the entire school.
So for months him and i hadda be cautious cuz the whole school was scrutinizing our every move. and in a small town like Deadmonds it's not good for people to wanna watch ur every move, especially so many, cuz ima always wif one of em.
So the thing was that people were making a big deal outta this thing, so we could only G-chat online and in private.
nowz, his closest friends and some of meh friends ((we kinda circulate wif the same group)) are telling me he's gonna ask me out.
but i dunno if i exactly like him that way anymore.
cuz i liked him back when he flirted wif me a lot, and when we hung out more. and he's started to again, but the thing is that i like him at certain times, it depends on his moods. they tend to give me emotional whiplash.
so-i dunno what to if he asks me out. i dun wanna hurt him, it's the last thing i want. and i dun want him to get mad and never talk to me again.
how do i tell him that i liked him when we were better friends, and still keep this friendship?

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Ok here's one you might have to think out...
The guy I like is in every one of my classes but one. He used to playfully tease me all the time and talk to me all the time but now he seems shy. When we play our sports in PE, as long as he's on my team, he stands close by to me. Then, one day in science, he looked over at me every 3 minutes. Also, when he does talk to me, a smile threatens to appear on his face, and sometimes that smile betrays him. My friend says he does like me, and almost all my friends know I like him...
Any advice/help?

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