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Be your favorite animal!

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Kota Animal: Hawk
Name: Neira
Personality: Cunning, keen, and illustrious
Appearance: Deep very dark cherry brown wings. Piercing golden eyes and a lighter brown chest.
Gender: Female
Other: Preys on most animals...

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Kellogs Cheerios (immortalx) | 57 comments Is that from Guardians of Ga'hoole?
If it is, it's spelled 'Nyra'

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Kota Never heard of it...I just made that up! lol

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Kellogs Cheerios (immortalx) | 57 comments oh. ok then nvm

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Linny | 8 comments Cool! you read guradians of Ga' hoole I'm only on the second novel! anyways...
Appearance: grayish,blackish, white-ish, big ears,fluffy fur,hazel eyes
Gender: female
Other:talks to humans and other animals

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Julia Hu (frogluvr15) | 135 comments Mod
animal: frog
name: flickster
personality: hyper, entertaining, annoying
appearance: googly-eyed, somewhat tiny, proportionately mutated (=P)
gender: male
other: finds pleasure in annoying others

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Animal: Panther
Name: Zircon
Personality: gothic, tough, nonchalant nature, independent
Appearance: Big, Black with white streaks on tail and red eyes, small white lightning streaks on sides of body, white paws, big claws
Gender: Male
Other: Fast, agile, strong, to-the-point serious but some humor

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Zachary | 18 comments Animal: Spider Monkey
Name: Darwin
Personality: mischievous, irresponsible, too literal, superactive, very very very very annoying, very talkative and social
Appearance: small, brown, gaping big black eyes, hands, skinny, long tail
Gender: Male
Other: loves climbing trees and throwing coconuts at people; possesses an unconditional adoration for the crescent-shaped fruit known as the "banana"; steals people's stuff

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Kellogs Cheerios (immortalx) | 57 comments Animal: Zebra
Name: Toot
Personality: Likes eating.
Appearance: Black with white stripes (or white with black stripes lol) with a brownish tinge on the white
Gender: Male
Other: Has major indigestion

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Kellogs Cheerios (immortalx) | 57 comments yah

'Farting Zebras'
I've had that one for years

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