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Let's get roleplaying!

message 2: by Josee (new)

Josee Shelia was reading a book. She heard a quiet sound and noticed her door to her room was open. She felt a sharp bang on her back.
"Richard out of my room!" said Shelia.
She took the nerf gun bullet and put it in her pocket.
"Shelia give it back," said Richard.
"I will if you stop coming to my room!" yelled Shelia.
Richard rolled his eyes.
"Promice," he said.
Shelia cell phone rang she got a text from..... (whoevers next) saying......

message 3: by Lauren (new)

Lauren (llg132) The text from Cara said,"Hi Shiela, I'm at my house bored out of my mind, what are you doing?"

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((One part of info I left out about Julie, she is in a band))

While Julie and her band were practcing, the power shut off.

((OK this is confusing, Are they all in seperate houses?))

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((LoLo make CARA in the thing named 3rd rp: house charries))

message 6: by Lauren (new)

Lauren (llg132) ((ok))

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((KK forget Julie doesn't have a band))

So Julie was painting her nails. When she got a text, from....next person who posts...

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☮Mary☮ (MaryMusicLover) Cicily. Julie was the closest thing she had to a best friend. What's up? she texted.

((gtg nites))

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Josee Lolo wrote: "The text from Cara said,"Hi Shiela, I'm at my house bored out of my mind, what are you doing?" "

"Me too and my stinky brother keeps bugging me," texted back Sheila.

message 10: by Lauren (last edited Mar 29, 2009 07:41AM) (new)

Lauren (llg132) "What is your brother doing now?! I swear that boy accordsing you sounds like the biggest pain in the rear ever!!" The irratated Cara replied.

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The txt was from Cicily. Sh3 quickly txted back 'Nuttin' just painting my nails. U? Hey! Do u want 2 go do sumthing?' [END OF TXT:] Jake came and stood in the doorway "What are you doing in my bathroom?" Jake said "Painting my nails, y do u care" julie said spilling a little polish on counter "oops"

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Josee "HE IS!" Texted back Shelia.

Shelia looked at the clock and saw that it was 2:00.

"Mom can you drop me off at the mall I need to meet some of my friends there," she said.

Next couple of minutes Shelia was at the mall and saw one of her friends and it was....... (whoever is next)

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☮Mary☮ (MaryMusicLover) sure, cicily texted back. how about the mall? i'll meet you there.
cicily was there in less than 5 minutes, due to the fact that she lived down the block.
that's when she saw sheila. cicily only saw her with her brother.

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'kay' Julie txted back when she got their she saw Cicily over by shelia.....and her brother she walkd over 2 them "hey u guys! whats' up?"

message 15: by Josee (new)

Josee "Hi! Where should we go shop? Well Sorry Cicily's brother," said Shelia.

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"Errr, ummm hot topic, Claires, Aero, D.E.B?" Julie said not sure

message 17: by Josee (new)

Josee "How bout Charrolette Ruth they always have nice clothes?" said Shelia.

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

"What's Charrolette Ruth?" Julie asked while txting.

message 19: by ☮Mary☮ (new)

☮Mary☮ (MaryMusicLover) "not sure. but i'll go," cicily said.

message 20: by [deleted user] (new)

"Me 2."

message 21: by Josee (new)

Josee "It's one of the best stores in the mall," said Shelia, "Let's go shopping!" Shelia laughed, "Sorry I feel a little hiper right now"

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"Lol. Kay let's go!" Julie screamed. When they got to the 1st store charolette ruths. Julie ran right 2 clearence rack 'I LOVE BARGINS" she squeked looking thru them

message 23: by ☮Mary☮ (new)

☮Mary☮ (MaryMusicLover) "look at these," cicily said, trying to be excited, holding up a pair of ripped jeans.

message 24: by [deleted user] (new)

((Quiston, does she not like shopping?))

Julie whipped her head towards her, "Oh my gosh! Wher'ed u find those!!!!! I love them!!!!!!!"

message 25: by Josee (new)

Josee ((r u talking 'bout my charrie? If so heck yes))

Shelia tried on her outfit she found and tried it on. "I'm surely getting these". She bought the outfit, "When are you guys going to be finished with this store?" Shelia looked at the time 12:00 pm, "Let's go get some lunch".

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((Both, I guess))

"I luv that outfit you got Shelia, it looks great on u" Julie said grabbing a pair of the same jeans cicly had shown her "Lemme just buy these real quick, yeah im starving"

((U guyz got hard charrie names, lol))

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☮Mary☮ (MaryMusicLover) ((no. my character doesn't really like shopping.))
Cicily grabbed a top from a discount pile and followed them.

message 28: by Josee (new)

Josee "Do you guys want to go to a pizza place?" asked Shelia.

message 29: by ☮Mary☮ (new)

☮Mary☮ (MaryMusicLover) "Yes!"Cicily shouted. Now it was obvious that she didn't want to be there.

message 30: by [deleted user] (new)

((be where?))

message 31: by ☮Mary☮ (new)

☮Mary☮ (MaryMusicLover) ((at the mall. she's not really into that kind of thing))

message 32: by Josee (new)

Josee "Let's go get some!" said Shelia going to the front desk.

message 33: by [deleted user] (new)

((O, Ok)

"kay" Julie said

message 34: by ☮Mary☮ (new)

☮Mary☮ (MaryMusicLover) "Thank you," Cicily told Shelia.

message 35: by Josee (new)

Josee When they where at the table eating their pizza Shelia got a text from her brother Richard. It said 'Shelia Mom is going to pick you up in a half an hour'.
Shelia texted back, 'R U kidding?'
Rick Texted back, 'NOPE!'

"Hey guys," said Shelia, "My mom is coming to pick me up in 'bout half a hour.

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"Tht sucks"

message 37: by Josee (new)

Josee "I know well let's finish shopping as much as we can," said Shelia.

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☮Mary☮ (MaryMusicLover) "Um, okay," Cicily said. "I just remembered that i'm leaving in 20 minutes."

message 39: by [deleted user] (new)

"Me too, I am going to skate park, with some of my friends" Julie said nibbling her pizza

message 40: by ☮Mary☮ (new)

☮Mary☮ (MaryMusicLover) "awesome. wish i could go. but no, i have to go to a party that my brother got invited to. my mother doesn't trust him. does anyone else want to go instead?" i said between bites.

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"I'll pass, maybe nxt time we go u can cu m"

message 42: by Josee (new)

Josee Shelia got a texted from her mom.
"I have to go now catch up with you guys later,".c

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Julie waved and put all her stuff in one bag. "I got to go to, bye cicily."

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Josee Right when Shelia got home she had not in to do so she slunked into her bing bag and watched some TV.

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☮Mary☮ (MaryMusicLover) cicily was glad she could go. she went home and relaxed.

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Julie got to the park, and went over to Kade. "Where's Jake?" She asked holding her skateboard in one hand with her foot on it on the ground, and scrachting her head

message 47: by Josee (new)

Josee ((who's Kade?))

Shelia recieved a texted from.....

message 48: by [deleted user] (new)

((Her friend))

message 49: by Josee (new)

Josee ((OK))

message 50: by [deleted user] (new)

((I made his chaarrie))

"Oh, he couldn't make it." Kade said "Why?" Julie replied "I don't why don't u call him"

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