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Soul Mates

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message 1: by Karen (new)

Karen (karenandersenmiller) | 48 comments In "Brida" discovering your soul mate(s) is a key topic. Do you believe that you have just one soul mate or many? and Why?

message 2: by Karen (new)

Karen (karenandersenmiller) | 48 comments I believe that we have several soul mates. I feel this to be true due to my encounters with a couple of differnt soul mates in this life. I have also had dreams of past lives where I have encountered soul mates from that life that I have met again in a different way in my current life. I feel that if we are responsive to the soul mates we encounter we learn so much more about visible and invisible worlds.

message 3: by Harley (new)

Harley Ah, soul mates. I have a couple of perspectives on this. First, when my wife and I wrote our book, It's Okay to Cry, a collection of stories of people whose pets had died and the grief they experienced, I discovered that the people who grieved the most referred to their pet as their soul mate. They did not grieve for every pet the same way. The most difficult death to cope with was when the soul mate died.

Second, unlike Brida, I don't know how to recognize my soul mate. Are soul mates your opposite so they complement you and make you whole? Or are soul mates the same as you? In the case of my wife and myself, we are opposites, but over the last 35 years we have become more a like to the point we are often thinking the same thing at the same time.

Here is the interesting piece. I dreamt of my wife a month before I ever met her or knew she was alive. Ten months after we met we were married No long courtship here.

My question is how does one define soul mate? And how can one tell if a person is a soul mate? Or is it one of those that if you have to ask it isn't so.

As to your question, Karen, of whether one can have many soul mates. I would have to answer, yes, because I believe that we can love more than one person deeply. And if one believes in past lives, then there are obviously more than one soul mate.

message 4: by Karen (new)

Karen (karenandersenmiller) | 48 comments A soul mate for me is someone who for some reason you trust, someone who seems to be speaking a certain language and you can understand it and they understand you. Sometimes you have an energetic bond with a person, you might think it's just attraction, but if you look deeper there is another connection, possibly a past life connection (good or bad). If bad, then there will be a lesson(s)learned. Past life connections can be validated in dreams, meditations and sometimes through oracles (readings). Soul mates often share similar visions in life, what they are seeking in this life. A professor of mine once said, "I think we marry the part of our brain that we lack." He might have been right, but that is another way of obtaining the balance we seek. Sometimes there is an interesting connection astrologically. I am a libra with a leo rising, both my parents are leos and my husband is a leo. I must have leos in my life. I speak leo and they can love and deal with my libran qualities and faults. Let's face it librans and leos fuel each other, air and fire. I do think that I spot a certain sparkle in those I am drawn to and those I love, be they friends, lovers or spouses. There is an unspoken soul logic between us. As for animals being soul mates, I think that might be true. I've heard people use the expression, "heart dog." This refers to a dog who is so special they are very deeply connected to the a person.

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