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Private is Amazing!

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Rachel Rudnick Wow this book is amazing.I would have never expected something so good. What is so bad about secrets you will really understand in Private! Watch as the secrets keep unravelling in book after book.

Patricia I definetly agree with the comment above. Every book opens a new box of secrets!

Angstadversity It should have an age requirement on the cover stating that it's only enjoyable if you're a 15 year old girl. This book perpetuates stereotypes and includes all of the same useless drama that everyone trys to avoid in highschool. Good read if you want to fall asleep fast.

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i love love love all of the books! they are my favorite!

Becky i think they are really good books!!


Becky have they made it into a movie??

Becky I DON'T think I would be allowed to see the movie

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Becky i've read the first 3

Rebecca Ive read up to Scandel then I lost interestinthe series. I dont know if Im going to finish the series or not

Becky i don't know if I am going to keep reading

Rebecca It just got so unbelievable and it repeated itself after awhile

Becky ok thanks

Audrey I watched the movie last night it wasn't bad.

Audrey But it was all the the books not just the first one.

Becky was it good? whats it rated

Becky thats pretty cool

Audrey not rated. It was decent, but as for the not rated thing there wasn't any drinking or anything.

Becky ok

Audrey yeah, it was pretty good.

Becky cool

Audrey yeah

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Shannon I love, love, love what I have read so far in the private series. I have just finished book number 6. I love the way that each book leads on to the next.

Becky yeah

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Shannon I am glad that I haven't read the whole series because according to some of my friends it is torture waiting for the next book in the series to come out!!!

Becky I suppose it would be!

Zeairah I Freaken LOVEEE this seriess :))))

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Amna Yup i love this series soo far.. i didn't expect it to be soo great

Jessica Narwold I loved this series too! I hate that it's over. :( I'm ready for more books like this. I feel so attached to the characters now.

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Bree Well you should read Privilege from Ariana's point of view. Let's you see everything from a whole new level.

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Cate This series is amazing, I've loved it since I was 13. :)

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Cate Jessica wrote: "I loved this series too! I hate that it's over. :( I'm ready for more books like this. I feel so attached to the characters now."

Me too!

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