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Claire Martin Did anyone watch the TV series of World Without End? I enjoyed it, but was disappointed by how much they changed the story. I just wondered what anyone else's thoughts were?

Cathy I agree it really changed and put the emphasis on the clergy and away from the building of the cathedral

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Jeane I saw the series, but have not read the book yet. Perhaps that is why I enjoyed the series so much. The people in the movie business seem to buy a book and then procede to change some things. I never understood why they do that. I have the book and am looking forward to reading it.

Brooklyn Ann I thought the series was an abomination. The only thing the book and series had in common was character names. I screamed at the TV for the entire 8 hours. Isabella wasn't even IN the book and they made one of the villains into a good guy? WTF?

Gene Wow i just watched 30 mins of it i think ppl have been killed for less they took one of the best books ever and just made it a words cant say have they have runied it

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Abby-Rose Margarida Sparrow If anyone wants a DVD of this show, I have one that was only viewed once, and not even all the way through, and I'm willing to trade it for a copy of Vera Chapman's The King's Damosel -- literally any copy, paperback, hardcover, large-print, any condition, don't care, just want a readable copy.

Message me if interested!

Andreea Oana The series was soo bad. It baffles me that they used a lot of good actors but managed to produce something so horrible.

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