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"Amazing moments from LAAW 2008"

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message 1: by Lisa (last edited Mar 23, 2009 04:02PM) (new)

Lisa | 6 comments My favorite memory from last year's Los Angeles Art Weekend was "An Evening with Albert Maysles" at the Hammer Museum.

That night he quoted a little girl from his upcoming film. She says: "What's it like in Heaven? I think I forgot." Can't wait to see this next project.

Best part? If you missed it last year, and want to see what he has in store for us, you can catch video of the event on the Hammer Museum's website at

message 2: by Melissa (last edited Mar 23, 2009 03:32PM) (new)

Melissa Goldberg | 3 comments Mod
I loved the Storefront for Art and Architecture's ( Pop up Storefront featuring photographs of architecture by Frederic Chaubin. Very cool captures of communist constructions.

Storefront is coming back this year to cohost Postpolis!LA ( with ForYourArt at the Standard, Downtown LA, blogging with arch and urban design bloggers including BLDBLOG, ArchDaily, Subtopia, We Make Money not Art, City of Sound and Mudd Up! Should be really interesting.

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