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Graffiti My Soul - schooldays and the suburbs

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message 1: by Niven (new)

Niven | 3 comments Mod
My novel 'Graffiti My Soul' is like a love letter to the suburbs, as told by a 15 year old battling to survive the clique-ridden, dog-eat-dog society that is high school.

Which coming-of-age stories have struck a chord with you?

In my case, I find 'The Virgin Suicides' and Tobias Wolff's 'Oold School' unforgetable...


message 2: by sisterimapoet (new)

sisterimapoet | 2 comments Good question - I love coming of age stories, and am in the process of drafting a blog post about why I like them so much.

'The Virgin Suicides' is great. And I've just finished 'A Complicated Kindness' (Miriam Toews) which worked well, really a case of showing rather than telling.

But I think the one that really sticks in my mind is 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' (Stephen Chbosky)

message 3: by Janet (new)

Janet Maybe it's because I "came of age" so long ago, but I can't remember actual titles any more - a sure sign of being post-age I guess. Recent reading would include "The Night Country" and "The Lovely Bones" - all of the teens involved died so never had the opportunity to come of age, and "Middlesex" which neatly brings up the coming of age for both boys and girls in one perfect teen, Cal. And lastly, "The Book of Fred" which is the most conventional coming of age book in this group tho Fred (a girl) is forced to live with a suburban family after being removed from a cult.

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