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Chasing Tail Lights

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I really liked it, too. Here's the last bit of my review from

Deft characterizations including that of Flint, a city that plays a role as important as a character and Terrell a boy she works with in the library who wants to make a difference add to the appeal of this hard-hitting truthful novel. Jones is definitely a rising star in YA literature telling a grittily realistic tale that needs to be told while opening the door for Christy and readers who identify with her to be triumphant in life.

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elissa (librarianbodyworkerelissa) | 11 comments I agree that the book is wonderful, Hollie! And I love the ending! I thought it was very appropriate, and that it fit in well with the rest of the story.

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elissa (librarianbodyworkerelissa) | 11 comments Hmm. Interesting question, Hollie. It took me a few weeks to read the book, because I had a hard time reading what was happening to Christy. So I guess by the end, I thought more, "Good for her," than any conflicted feelings. If the same scenario had happened in real life, though, I think that I WOULD have been more conflicted about what happened! Not sure if that makes complete sense, but there it is.

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Jeannine (jeanninegarsee) | 7 comments I thought this was an amazing book!

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