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Who was your favorite character, and why?
Justin Salgado Justin Feb 14, 2013 03:29PM
Favorite character?

Benjamin because he understood that it was inevitable for life to change for the lower rungs by removing the topmost layer. Life is and always will have inequalities. He sums up the author's ideology..

SnowBall .. I think he vanished too quickly, he should have had a bigger part in the story .... He was a good pig :D

Pranjal Luckycharm But again, I would have loved see him play a more prominent part in the story.
Oct 27, 2014 01:30AM

Loved boxer and how he constantly consoles himself with that patch of pasture for his retirement - which he never got.

The white horse was named Mollie and I have to admire her for knowing what she wanted and deserting the sinking ship so she could get it. She may have been vain, lazy and disloyal, but in the end she wasn't fooled and manipulated with lies and deceptions. The cat was my favorite; indifferent, independent and aloof, doing pretty much what it wanted to.

Neera. S (last edited Apr 22, 2013 03:00AM ) Apr 22, 2013 02:59AM   2 votes
Benjamin- Though cynical and cryptic, he is a survivor. He does not feel the need to express his stand points to a group of animals that would understand nothing out of it but he is so devoted to Boxer. He has seen it all and as such, knows that aloofness is the best way to be because finally you can change not much but yourself! He remains true to himself till the end

my favorite character was snowball because he tried to keep everything the same that old mayor said with the seven commandments, and he always tried to make the animals life easier and make things work out and actually be a leader unlike napolean.

Up until the very ending, I wanted it to be Benjamin. I thought there was no way that a character could be so selfish, guarded, pessimistic, and skeptical throughout the events that occurred on Animal Farm and not redeem himself by some extraordinary heroic act in the end. He understood the treachery that was happening and was as mentally capable as the pigs were but chose not to get involved and for that I condemn him. That being said, I guess my favorite character would be Snowball. He tried his hardest to make true Old Major's vision of equality among the animals and for the most part successfully led the farm post-revolution, albeit for a short time.

without a doubt, its boxer and benjamin

Benjamin, because he didn't want to take part in much even though he knew how to read since he knew it would just get him in trouble.

Salman (last edited Mar 28, 2013 06:54PM ) Mar 28, 2013 06:52PM   1 vote
I found the sheep to be very funny, Specially when the little pig brain washed them from saying "Four legs good, two legs bad" to "Four legs good, two legs better", that was very hilarious in my opinion.

I also Liked the donkey and the cow for being the thinkers between the farm animals, they were figures whom represented the silent but knowledgeable people of our society.

Ola Allam The sheep reminds me of the corrupted media; they change their opinion according to what happens regardless of it being right or wrong.
Oct 22, 2014 05:57AM

I remember Squealer the pig.

Boxer, because of his loyalty and determination. His demise was the saddest of the lot.

Clover it was for me as she often suspects the pigs of violating one or another of the Seven Commandments, although she had bad memory but she had the sense of wrong and that reminds me of what George Orwell wrote in his Novel 1984 :
" Always in your stomach and your skin there was sort of protest as feeling that you had been cheated of something that you had a right to "

Boxer. I'd say that's how I've felt being a military man for the last several years. Breaking our backs so politicians can walk all over us.

I like Boxer because he seems to be a representation of determination.

Clover. sweet, old clover.

Justin wrote: "Favorite character?"

boxer or benjamin because they were fun to read about!

Napoleon, the socialist pig. Because he's a socialist pig.

boxer!!!! it was so sad what happened to him. i did not like this book however i did like this horse. me,i commend him for his negotiating skills but i dislike for him for the propaganda and skimming;Boxer too,for his selfless devotion in the getting the job.

I liked the character of squealer. He is cunning, an apt potrayal of politicians and their representatives in today's world.

Also, I loved the character 'Boxer' because of his determination. He was always trying to make things happen. He depicts the common man in every sense.

my favorite character i have to say was Boxer. i liked the way that boxer was strong and was always helpful in the farm. even though he was brain washed by napoleon, he always was faithful and nice. i was sad when he died because i thought it was real cruel that even after he was a great help to napoleon, he was the one who basically killed him. boxer was always willing to help even when the animals told him not to. boxer.

I liked Buck because he represents the common hard working people. He teaches you that having a one track mind and trusting blindly will just wear you out... and when there is no more use of you society will discard you.

A great example of why you should prioritize working smart over working hard.

I liked Clover because she always seemed to suspect when something was wrong, and remained kind and determined. I admired Boxer for his hard-work and dedication. When he set his mind to it, he could do anything.

Giulia (last edited Apr 12, 2013 08:58AM ) Apr 11, 2013 11:12AM   0 votes
I loved Snowball.. I loathed Napolean..

deleted member Oct 20, 2014 08:37AM   0 votes
Benjamin, always & forever.

I would say Benjamin... His attitudes and sayings always make me laugh ... and his indifference to whatever is going on.

benjamin cause he didn't wanted to get involved in it and he is the smart one of the "lesser" animals, he always pointed the others on things they didn't see like when they came to get boxer to take him to the knackers

I liked both boxer and Benjamin because although Boxer was hard-working he was just a victim and that's sth that we are facing in real life ; it's some how a rule that when a person wants to satisfy every one, becomes a victim . and I liked Benjamin because he was the most logical one and the other reason is that we all know donkey as a symbol of sth stupid but here it was a nice paradox

Benjamin's (the donkey) cynicism and long-term view reminded me of myself. His distrust in authority also struck a cord in me.

Squealer reminds me of Allistair Campbell

deleted member Jun 23, 2013 08:22AM   0 votes
My two favourite characters are Boxer and Benjamin. Boxer was such a hard and dedicated worker and I was so sad when he didn`t get his retirement patch. Benjamin was trying to stay unnoticed.

No Favorite one. They had many defects all. None was perfect or ideal.Smarts were cruel, and kinds were fools.

Benjamin,because he was the one who didnt change and he didnt get involved with others and always he was smart more than other animals.

Benjamin. He is an independent character who knew where he stood on "Animal Farm". He had to pretend to be like the other animals to refrain from being killed by Napoleon's dogs.

Boxer, he was so simple and loyal.

Squealer, the sly spreader of propaganda and lies. The way he would explain away revisions to the original revolutionary slogans was chilling. And when he admitted that the pigs were sleeping on humans' beds - shock, horror! - he explained it was WITHOUT sheets.

Benjamin--He was smart enough to not buy into all of the new, improved hype.

I believe Benjamin is my favorite character. He is one of the smart animals on the farm that tries to not get involved to much with the problems going on around him. It's a smart move when you're trying to not be noticed. In the story he tries not to read even though he's very good at it. It helps him blend in seem like a more casual animal

My favorite character was Boxer. He never stopped working hard and trying his best to make a better out of the farm. He always had faith that Napoleon was going to make Animal Farm a better place. He just never gave up! That is why I admire boxer because he was dedicated and a hard worker.

Squealer- He is cunning but has a farce written all over him. He convinces every other animal that the change in commandments were just their dreams. We just meet so many people like Squealer everywhere who misconstrue the truth

Justin wrote: "Favorite character?"

My favorite character would be boxer. Boxer is a hard worker and follows directions. even though he followed directions from napoleon, which i hated that. boxer was one of the most trustful animal in Animal farm.

deleted member Feb 18, 2013 08:16AM   0 votes
I wasn't a fan of any of them. I mean sure, Benjamin understood just a little bit what was going on, but he still stuck around for it all! All of the animals were brainwashed in some way/shape/form, and all the humans were, well, human.

My favorite character would have to be Boxer. I chose boxer because I, like the animals, admire his hard work. I wish I could work just as hard as boxer. Boxer, even with little food, still worked very hard to finish the windmill because he knew it would be for the better good. He makes me reflect on us humans and how we should be like boxer- do things for the better good rather for self benefit.

The horse. He worked the hardest to make the farm a better place.

I think that my favorite character is boxer because he never gives up. a motto that he says is "work harder". he did so much for animal farm and even though he was hurt and sick, he would continue working. even though he had troubles learning his ABC, he was a dedicated and loyal worker. when he was helping with the windmill, he never gave up. he was as strong like two ordinary horses put together. he looked stupid because of his white mark on front of his face but he was a very helpful horse. boxer is very kind hearted and that is why he is my favorite character.

My favorite character in this book was Boxer. Even though he wasn't the most brightest animal around, he was still a very hard worker and was very admiring. He would always work the most. He always wanted to work an hour earlier and an hour later than the other animals. He was also my favorite character because he was very loyal to Napoleon at all times.

I like snowball but I have to go with the raven. He doesn't show up much but he symbolizes religion which I think is neat and candy mountain is just plain funny to me. Maybe squealer because of his double speak. He and his comrades are funny.

I don't remember their names..But I hated pigs

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