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Theatre Pedagogy

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message 1: by Mojgan (new)

Mojgan Ghafari Shirvan (mshirvan) | 5 comments Mod
Hi everyone:)
Recently, we had a seminar in our university about "Theatre Pedagogy". There Was 2 Proffessors from Osnabruck University (of Germany) who talked about the topic and their university for us.
It was very interesting for me and I want to talk about it here.
Do you interested in this Topic?

message 2: by Joseph (new)

Joseph | 12 comments Hi Mojgan,
I think a discussion of Theatre Pedagogy would be a really interesting use of this discussion group. There seems to be a very wide spectrum of backgrounds in the group, which could lead to some great exchanges of thought. Could you start us off by sharing your thoughts on these 2 Osnabruck Professors? What were their main points?

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