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Any advice for talking on the radio?

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message 1: by G.R. (new)

G.R. (grcollia) I'm going to be doing a short interview for the radio news, so I'm wondering if any of you guys has any advice. It's on the telephone so I don't have to go in, and it will be pre-recorded, so we can do it over if I make a nana out of myself. It's for The Wonderful Demise of Benjamin Arnold Guppy.

message 2: by Thersa (new)

Thersa I dare you to do voices and 'invite' characters from the book to talk. I'm guessing Mr. Guppy passes away in the book (the title), so you can even come on as him thus insuring your second book! The Return and Reventge of Benjamin Guppy: This Time it's Personal.

Okay, I've been watching too many bad Hollywood movies.

I use to do a very short weekly radio show here, but I cannot think of any good advice. I know you'll do fantastic. And the pre-recorded always helps, just in case someone rings the doorbell. Good luck and tell us how it goes.


message 3: by G.R. (new)

G.R. (grcollia) Thersa wrote: "The Return and Reventge of Benjamin Guppy: This Time it's Personal...."

Good title! I see him with a chainsaw and camouflage make-up in the movie ;o)

I do do voices... I can do Yoda and the queen... and some of the Muppets. So it will have to be an interview at the palace, in the vicinity of the death star, or at Fraggle Rock.

message 4: by Thersa (new)

Thersa I'm rolling on the floor over here.

I can do Yoda occasionally, when the mood strikes, but rarely on demand. I think it might be more of a brain tick. I'm jealous. And the queen! My best voice is Apoo from The Simpsons. I can spend all day in character if need be.

How about the Muppets are all in their Tigh Fighters attacking the Death Star under the command of Yoda when they get and urgent message from the queen telling them to pull back. Why? Because Ben Guppy is the new Darth Vader and, well, he's got the chansaw and camouflage make up and all...

message 5: by Jaimey (new)

Jaimey (jaimeygrant) | 232 comments You two are hilarious!

message 6: by G.R. (new)

G.R. (grcollia) If we had the budget, I'd make that movie! Benjamin does wheeze a bit... Darth Guppy, with his trusty carrier bag and bundle of twigs. As long as we don't cast Pat Guppy as Princess Leia and have her do the Jabba the Hut scene... the one all the boys love. Oh my, I'm not going to sleep tonight now.

Apoo! My husband can do Homer... he also has a fondness for doughnuts to go with that. If we three ever made a radio play we could incorporate a cast of thousands!

message 7: by Thersa (new)

Thersa Homer is difficult! You guys must be a blast at dinner parties. Maybe we could get Pat into one of those body suits that squeezes everything into the right proportions.

Okay, didn't mean to derail this thread. Original question still stands: Advice for radio show that _doesn't_ involve channeling various cartoon characters and female monarchs.

message 8: by Rowena (new)

Rowena (rowenacherry) | 334 comments Mod

I'm both a talk show host and a moderately frequent guest.

My Knight's Fork interview is probably third down on the playlist on TheAuthorsShow
Knight's Fork interview on TheAuthorsShow

If you are going to be interviewed, listen to other authors' interviews, and pick up on which are easy listening, and which seem like hard going.

STAND UP for the duration of your interview. Standing stretches your diaphragm, and gives you much better volume.

If you have a chance to ask your interviewer a question or two beforehand, ask if you sound clear or if there is anything you can do to provide the best possible sound quality.

Do not use a cell phone. You can't hear the difference, but your host and your audience can.

Be aware that any background noise can be heard... chimes from your computer, passing traffic, husbands yelling at you, dogs barking, keystrokes. I once had a guest who thought we wouldn't know it if she used the toilet while on the air!

Have your talking points in front of you. Know what is vital to commununicate (your name, your title, your website... probably) You can stray from your text, or change the order, and try not to sound like you are reading aloud.

Hope this helps, Gina. And, good luck!

message 9: by G.R. (new)

G.R. (grcollia) Rowena wrote: "I once had a guest who thought we wouldn't know it if she used the toilet while on the air!..."

Oh my! I read that and choked on my biscuit!

Many thanks for the advice, Rowena! I wouldn't have thought of standing up. I shall go off and listen to your interview, and check out as many others as I can find.

message 10: by G.R. (last edited Mar 23, 2009 06:58AM) (new)

G.R. (grcollia) Well, I just did my radio interview. Didn't have to do any re-takes and the chap said they had a lot of good stuff, so I'm pleased about that. I went into the study as it's the quietest room in here... there's a storm going on at the moment, but it's not audible in the study. I stood up (very good tip, Rowena), and had my notes. Turned all of the 'phones and computer sounds off. It was actually fun. It helped that the radio chap had such a soothing voice.

message 11: by Thersa (new)

Thersa Congratulations, Gina! I'm glad you didn't have to resort to Yoda impressioning. How long was the interview, btw?


message 12: by G.R. (new)

G.R. (grcollia) I haven't got a clue. I know it started at one o'clock, and after it finished I went and told my husband what had happened... then I checked the clock and it was half past one. I talked a lot... amazing how much you can say in a short space of time. And I did think of Yoda! I wonder what would have happened if I'd just broke out into Star Wars characters.

How do those radio chaps get those radio voices... they're so cool.

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