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Tamlin OR Rhysand?
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I can't pick yet, can you? I might be team Tamlin, but I don't know.. (I secretly love them both)

Ugh, I can't believe people are making this a thing again. Yes, the extra man in love with her makes for good drama, but I am so sick of it.
Furthermore, I can't believe people are rooting for Rhys, the guy who drugged, humiliated, and sexually assaulted her over and over again. But it's totally ok because he was doing it for her own good? Wrong, he was doing it because it served his own purposes.
Yes, there's chemistry there. He was one of the only people who was really there for her when Tamlin couldn't, but COME ON. She basically walked through the depths of hell for Tamil, and he gave up all hope for his kingdom and resigned himself to slavery for her. This is their love story.

Faith:) I agree Vanessa Ann, Rhys was doing it all for her good, and he didn't sexually assault her. he was touching her waist, never anywhere else. Bc he kne ...more
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Rhysand for me.

I personally don't hold the things Tamlin and Rhysand did against them. They were both trying to free their courts from Amarantha, and part of that required a role they needed to play. Roles that involved Feyre and using her. But I get it. So my shipping preference has nothing to do with Tam's manipulation or Rhys's.

I prefer Rhys because I like their dynamic more. I like that both Feyre and Rhys seem to have no filter around each other. They have chemistry and spark, too. I loved that Rhys was basically Feyre's rock under the mountain. She explains that he kept her from shattering completely, and that his voice tethered her to sanity. So from an emotional standpoint, there's solid groundwork for Rhys and Feyre. Tam didn't really have a choice but to stay distant--Rhys is the one that got Feyre out of those chores, that helped her in the second task, that saved her life, that fought by her side against Amarantha, that was subjected to humiliation along with her during the parties. THIS, all of this, is stronger and more powerful to me than swimming in starlight or strolling through spring gardens or heavy make out sessions.

Not to bash Tam and Feyre's relationship. It was nice and sweet, if a bit physical, but compared to what Feyre endured under the mountain, all of those scenes, for me, just hold so much more weight. And most of those scenes are somewhat influenced by Rhys.

So for me, it's not that Tam/Feyre is a bad relationship. I just think there's a deepness to Rhys and Feyre's, and from what I read in the end of ACOTAR, Feyre is very different. Even the summary of ACOMAF suggest she will struggle with her past. I think the girl that went under the mountain is different than the one that came out. At the end of ACOTAR when Tam tries to get Feyre to talk about it, she shuts him up by kissing him. When Rhys tries to get Feyre to talk, she opens up and talks. There's a comfort there, obviously, which is why she's able to open up around Rhys more. And this is just more appealing to me. I loved seeing their relationship develop, especially with how it begun in such a horrible situation.

I know from TOG that Maas isn't afraid to let her characters evolve and move on, to have more than one love in your lifetime. We will have to see how Feyre adjusts to her new body, and to her life in the spring court. She may very well feel like she fits into the night court better. This is actually my predication, but we shall see. :P


Lol. YES! Finally someone who understands!

I'm torn between them both but seems that everybody has their attention fixated at Rhysand who's obviously great... But then there's Tamlin.

Okay now I'm going to ask a really weird question: does anyone else compare book characters to animals? Tamlin at first was wolf but then reminded me of puppy (sort of like Thor -my baby and then there's Loki who reminds me of a duck...) so anyways in all this weirdness that my mind is sputtering we come to the conclusion that Tamlin reminds me of a puppy which reminds me of Thor...

Jesus I think I didn't get enough sleep last night but if I'm thinking clearly enough (which I'm not) I think what I'm saying is that I like Tamlin better. But we'll see I don't think I've spent enough time with them yet I may change my mind in the next book (or books which reminds me how many book are there going to be in this series?).

Rhys all the way! I liked Tamlin at first but then I saw how much Rhys had done for Feyre and his people and all the bad stuff Tamlin had done to so many. I think Tamlin is a lot worse than Rhys. Rhys actually cares about Feyres well being and cares what she has to say or think instead f constantly shutting her out. Tamlin gets on my nerves. He doesn't respect Feyre as a person and chooses to lock her away rather than let her face things herself. I get the whole wanting to protect her thing but somehow Rhys can do this without making her want to off herself.

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So... I am going to say Tamlin for now

Ok I know that his behavior after the second half was kind of "pathetic" but I kind of understand him. After all when he was free from Amarantha's curse he did kill her. And he couldn't visit her guys, he was under Amarantha's supervision while Rhysand was more free (I mean as free as you could be if you are under the curse of an evil witch).

On the other hand Rhysand is confusing me a little bit. I mean he did what he did and used Feyre in order to save his court but at the same time he helped her and kept her safe... but again he needed her.But he also saved her when they met for the first time...ugh! I don't know... But something seems off to me... I will just wait and see because I think that there is something more behind all that, that I just can't figure out yet.
I cannot say if there is or there isn't chemistry between them but I just can't ship them... they aren't meant to be

~Edit~ Oh my... read the second book and ugh no spoilers... I will just writte my opinion there

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I'm sorry! I know this so wrong but I am completely Tamlin loyal and the only way I will change is if he does a dick move in the next book. Rhysand seems okay but he just seems a bit meh. I think he's just going to have some romance with Feyre and I know its going to kill me when it happens, but Tamlin is going to be with her in the end (Or at least I hope!)

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Haneen wrote: "I can't pick yet, can you? I might be team Tamlin, but I don't know.. (I secretly love them both)"

I love them both too! It's so hard to chose between them...Rhysand is so wicked, wild, and mysterious. And Tamlin-oh Tamlin- is so swoon-worthy, scorching, and unbridled with love he has for Feyre
Therefore, at this particular moment in time, I cannot chose, nor do I want to, for I think both have and will continue to challenge Feyre and awaken her throughout the series

How did I end up here? Post-Acowar...

Holy crap I HAVE NO FRICKING CLUE! They both would work with Feyre! UGH! SO HARD!!!

I prefer Rhysand all the way.
I mean so far, there is nothing wrong with Tamlin but he seems just like the average basic love interest that I see. I mean so is Rhysand but I was never really into Rhysand from the beginning. I could already tell that he just wasn't the type of guy that I liked as much. I also don't find him very interesting. I am more into Rhysand and everything happening with him then Tamlin and that's suprising because normally I'm thr type to go with the flow.

Is this supposed to be a joke because: Rhysand ! from the beginning.
Tamlin was just too nice and perfect from the start on and Rhys is just so much more fun to read about

Okay so I am team Rhysand all the way!!! he is everything i want in a guy!!! i love him so much!! but dont get me wrong... i like tamlin too ( just a character tho... not with Feyre)... i know he did some bad things but i think he deserves a redemption arc.

I love them both... And now I have to wait for eternity for the next book

I prefer Rhysand over Tamlin. I can't say why exactly since they both have more bad qualities than good, but the first meeting of Feyre and Rhys compared to the first meeting of Feyre and Tamlin really set the tone. I felt like Rhys was a communicator and tamlin is all physical. I also hate how Tamlin gives up under the tower.

I'm on board with Team Tamlin, despite my personal preference for Rhysand. I honestly think that Feyre is better off with Tamlin; their temperaments are alike, which makes for a better and longer-lasting relationship, and they have a longer and kinder history together. Rhysand also feels too cunning and cruel for Feyre.

If Feyre wasn't so obviously taken with and by Tamlin, then I'd ship her with Rhysand. And despite everyone being mad at Rhysand for his treatment of Feyre (and if I were in her shoes, I would be peeved too), I'm equal parts indignant and impressed with the cunning way he handled matters. He reminded me of Khan from Star Trek: Into Darkness. The Ruler of the Night Court was willing to go as far as it took and further still to achieve his aims.

(view spoiler)

Anyway, go Team Tamlin!

Is that... even... a question?!?!?!?!?!
I am not even going to start.
Because if I do, I'm not going to be able to stop myself.
Just ask anyone who knows me. There is ONLY Rhysand. And yeah, I get that this is only a discussion for ACOTAR, not the rest of the series, but I've already flown through the entire series and I'm just reading a lot of these posts and chuckling evilly and guiltily to myself. Sarah J. Maas is unpredictable. You cannot ASSUME anything when you're reading her books.
Rhysand. R-H-Y-S-A-N-D. Yeah, okay, I'll stop.
You're welcome.

I'm on team Rys all the way, If not for Rhys Feyre would have died after the first trail. He even visits her in her cell. He also helped her on her second trail if not for him she would have died. And he risked his life trying to fight Amarantha at the ending when she was breaking Feyre, Unlike Tamlin who sat there and just watched while she suffered, at first i taught Amarantha made him that way before Lucien told her that Tamlin is still himself, That is selfishness not love.

How can you not pick Rhys?

Honestly......I have NO idea who to choose. Tamlin and Rhysand are both great and I just....uuurrrgg its so hard.
You see, Tamlin is so sweet and Feyre and him are really great together, BUT, Rhysand just gets me, you know. He is so appealing to me and so mysterious and I truly believe that everything he had done which was the drugging part and all that was to save Feyre. I want some Feyre and Rhysand action but I also don't want Feyre to leave Tamlin cuz he's so sweet. Its up to sarah j. maas to make this right and I can't wait. Hope she doesn't break my heart though

I was only team Tamlin because I thought there was no other love interest but as soon as Rhysand stepped up ...... TEAM RHYSAND FOREVER !!!!!!!!!!! I mean Tamlin was just to screwed up for Feyre ,he wanted to control her and make her a trophy wife. The difference is Rhysand had to do it and once he didn't have to anymore he stopped. He let Feyre do her and be pissed at him and everything, I mean she threw a shoe at him. Feyre threw a she at the most powerful High Lord ever and he didn't do anything. He just let her be herself and helped her become stronger. Now had she done that to Tamlin before she learned how to control her powers ...... Get my point.

I'm 98% team Rhysand. 2% team Tamlin, haha.

In my opinion, Tamlin was better suited for Feyre as a human, but as a fey, Rhysand and Feyre are better suited for each other. I mean, do you remember the ending?! She had that Fey scent and Rhysand freaked out!!! (I like to believe that Feyre & Rhysand are now going to be natural mates because of that whole smell thing that defines them as such)

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What!? How can you possibly like Tamlin, I know he was 'romantic' in ACOTAR but come on, Rhysand is soooooo much better, hes the one who helped Feyre and stayed with her.

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RHYSAND! Feyre chooses not to acknowledge all of the things that he did for her that saved her life... she doesn't wan't to realize that MAYBE, just maybe, she is falling for him. Tamlin is such a basic, predictable character... I think we can all guess his next move most of the time. I love Rhysand because of his little evil side (I'm sure it's just a cover up) and because no one can really guess what he is going to do next. It killed me when he told her about his wings! Imagine having such a great love for flying only to be trapped under a mountain for your entire life! I just want Rhys to have a happy ending, even if it isn't with Feyre.

What is to choose? Before I knew Rhysand was on their side, I thought he could be a potential ally. I have never thought he could be more than that.

Yeah, two more come out and there's no argument. Ah, the wonders of time.

Yes, I can pick. And it would be Tamlin.
Yes, Rhysand helped her. He saved her. But he also exposed her secrets, he drugged her every night, he basically blackmailed her to spend time with him. The way he treated her might have helped her in the end and maybe she can forgive him for that. But still I believe that she should not love him and betray Tamlin who was well...nice most of the time.

Team Tamlin. Not that I don't like Rhysand because I do. But what Tamlin and Feyre had was true love...the basis of this story and what broke the curse. They would ultimately sacrifice themselves to save one another and their kingdoms. And Rhysand had some fun with Feyre (drugging, humiliating) that benefitted just him while saving their kingdom, etc. so while both men care about Feyre on their own way (and, yes, fought for her), Tamlin has always respected Feyre like a gentleman. And for that I am Team Tamlin.

Tamlin felt a little bland as a character. He is like the nice guy of fairies. I really like Rhysand, he has a tortured bad boy aura about him. I have only read the first book... so I hope Feyre dumps Tamlin for Rhysand..

Honest? I don't have an idea... but Rhysand is very appealing to me.
When we first met him, I thought a possible love triangle could happen with him and I despised it, I was happy with Tamlin and Feyre. But then we get more of Rhysand {way more than I expected, too} and I started to like his character. Yes, he drugged her, harassed her, etc. But keep in mind part of the reasons he did it was for the better, for himself annd everyone else. He needed to rile Tamlin up a bit.
And one thing I like about his character is how he is dark {get it? He's the High Lord of the Night Court? Lol} and he's not good in the ordinary sense. But he is good, in his way. He has these layers, which made him so much more fascinating to me. His chemistry with Feyre is great too.
And I can't help but feel that Rhysand is a Beast that needs a Belle.
*sigh* I guess I have it bad for the bad boys. No one can deny that he is complex and dark and... that's exactly what I want.

Sue me.

And I don't dislike Tamlin, by the way! I rooted for him for more than 80% of the book. I really adored him. But Rhysand just creeped into my heart.. slow and stealthily. I can't help it. As I'm sure will go for Feyre also.

OH, yeah, and did it bother anyone else that the moment Feyre and Tamlin get to spend together.. they try and have sex?
That really disappointed me. I get they have the hots for each other but am I wrong to feel disappointed that after the build up of Feyre nearly dying trying to save Tamlin and his Court, being locked in a cage with rotten food for months and Tamlin having to act like a blank stone wall that it would be more romantic and heart wrenching? I wanted somethng to remember, and it was, but not in my heart. My heart just declined. Sorry, I don't feel like Tamlin's High Fae Lord dick right now. Really. That's either a bad writing move in Maas part or Tamlin and Feyre love isn't as true as some think it is. Love isn't all about sex and passion, it's {in my personal opinion} about an intimacy beyond touch and feeling or words. Yeah, so I expected more. Didn't help that after Feyre died and came back again they had sex the moment they were alone. Disappointing. Again.

I just can't see how after all that horror you can feel it in you to get down and dirty.

Anyways, we'll have to see. Who knows what it will be like in the next book. I might end up getting back into Tamlin and Feyre for all I know.

Rhysand obviously, come on, this question should not exits.

Tamlin when I read the book but now Rhysand all the way!! (My opinion changed throughout the books)


I will admit that I liked Tamlin at first but, and correct me if I'm wrong, I think nearly everyone liked him in the first book.
Then the second book arrives and Tamlin is an absolute JERK and Rhysand is just perfectttttt.


Rhys and!He is more mysterious and alluring. I want to find out more about him and I truly believe Fayre is the only person who does not fear him and can understand him in a way no one else can. He is able to open up when he is with her and she doesn't have a plaster for her mouth when around him.When they are together she can be herself and I think that Rhys is truly good and Feyre is the only person who can bring out that goodness in him.

this is the very first book that made me confuse with the love triangle., i mean i love them both, whoever Feyre end up with ill be happy.,uggh..,she's a lucky girl.,

ahahahaha im looking at this now when the series is finished and its kinda funny

Rhysand! Tamlin is a little too much on the dark-brooding-sappy guy side for me. Okay, yeah Rhysand drugged her and turned her into his toy a lot, but Tamlin tricked her into abandoning her family and having to live in the faery realms.

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I am on Rhys side. I kind of like him and is a perfekt match for Feyre who makes him laugh. Tamlin was kind of forced to love her while he made his best effort seducing her. You read about their conversation at the end of the book which clearly means they have some interest in each other plus Feyre did't tell Tamlin about either. Rhysand is totally hot too with those wings of his and who knows what will happen the two weeks of every month that she is in the night court in the next book.

U 25x33
Book_Lover Actually it's one week
Sep 22, 2018 04:47AM

I really do think that Fey will end up with Tamlin. After all she's done for him in the first book! I honestly love them both sooo much... But I really do think in the last book they'll get back together... Maybe ;)

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Just curious... Doesn't it say somewhere that Amarantha was making Rhysand give Feyre the drugs in order to humiliate Feyre? Idk why but I was convinced that that was the case. Also, like Tamlin, Rhysand doesn't have any autonomy. I mean, Amarantha is literally forcing him to have sex with her, coercing him, by threatening his life as well as the lives of all the people he cares about. I guess I really feel like Tamlin and Rhysand were in the same boat except Tamlin is not under the mountain. For Tamlin there were 2 reasons to break the curse: 1) to free the courts and 2) Amarantha wanted to make him her sex slave (kind of like cough cough Rhysand). While Rhys acts cocky (and has some of his powers for Amaranthas use) it seems to me that he is just as subjected to her will as Tamlin is when he was under the mountain.

Although I find Rhysand appealing, there's really no point in rooting for him because we all know that Feyre will end up with Tamlin. In what book does the girl end up going for the second choice, "bad boy" ?

Seems like Rhys is just a plot toy to add confusion and drama between Tam and Fey. And honestly, to have Feyre choose anyone other than Tamlin at this point would seem appalling, considering everything that Tam has done for her and everything that she had done for Tam. I can see her cheating with Rhysand, but not actually ending up with him

Ugh, it's so hard to choose! From the beginning I always loved Rhysand even when I thought he was evil, but I love Tamlin because he is good. Even though I do like both Rhysand and Tamlin, I think I'm leaning more towards Tamlin, because of the history between him and Fayre.

Tamlin who? lol

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