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message 1: by Salinda (new)

Salinda | 19 comments Mod
Hello to people who have joined this group! YEAH! I just started this group and then became distracted with... well life. I am so happy people found it and joined. Please give ideas of what you would like to talk about. Great moments you are having, and share with anyone you know to join the group. I think the more minds we have always sharing ideas the greater chance we have of succeding in our lives missions!

message 2: by Jeanine (new)

Jeanine (je9jeanine) | 9 comments Hello! Kerry and I are BFF (HA, brings back middle school memories, Best Friends Forever, we need a secret handshake next.)

Goodreads needs to have a way to notify us if there are updates in here so we can keep track of it easier. Or I need to figure out how to get page feeds, or what ever you call it :).

I noticed, Salinda, you live in UT also. And if I am not mistaken I notice a hint of TJE influence in your book reading choices. Am I correct?

Kerry and I LOVE to read self help books, or novels that deal directly with issues we face as wives, mothers, homeschoolers, etc. We Love to read in a group setting also. We read
For Women Only with a group and LOVED IT. We tried to read Common Sense in a group, Kerry finished it but I never did. Many classics are available online for free. We got Common Sense emailed to us one chapter at a time.

Anyone else on here for a group read. Or some Good reads groups have several books they are reading. Maybe we could be loose and informal and post what we are reading individually and talk about it. Or maybe we can compare our profiles and talk about a book many of us have read.

Just brainstorming.

message 3: by Salinda (new)

Salinda | 19 comments Mod
Hi Kerry,
Yes I do have TJE influence in my reading and teaching of my children. I love Thomas Jefferson Education. I am not perfect at implementing this into everything I do with my children, but I am always trying. If you have any books you have been wanting to read and start as a group read I would love to!

message 4: by Jeanine (new)

Jeanine (je9jeanine) | 9 comments YEa! Goodreads does send a group digest!

Nedra I enjoyed looking over your book list. The Other Mother sounds great... What is the book referring to when it says the other mother? Is there another mother in the picture, can you give me a bit more information on what it is about?

Salinda Nicholas and Alexandra sounds interesting, I studied Russian some and think I might enjoy reading a history book about it. What is your favorite Russian history book you have read?

We both read Dickens for Christmas this year :)! I would love to hear a bit about the Christmas Carol, your favorite message from it or something like that.

message 5: by Salinda (new)

Salinda | 19 comments Mod
I have to say this is my first real book to read about Russian history. Otherwise it has been tidbits of information here and there thats why I say I understand so little about it. I am enjoying what I learn though and suggest it if you find history and Russian culture at all interesting.

Dickens Christmas Carol was a great Christmas read! I can't believe I had never read it before. I can't find it (its in my house somewhere I think......) to share any exact quotes I loved, but I remember just the overall message I took from it was that while some people are cynical about Christmas and people being kind and giving for one month out of the year, it is still one month that can help us to try harder and remember more about kindness to others. It also of course was the thought of how little good it does us to acquire wealth if it isn't used for the good of your fellowmen. It was good that scrooge had money because he could bless others. But until he realized he needed to bless others it was a curse to him. Something I know we have all been taught before, but is always good to be reminded.

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