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Mommynearest | 21 comments Finished book #2 "You Staying Young." I feel younger already. Will continue to reference this book, as it is full of good information on care of our body systems.

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Danine (dulcemea) I heart Dr. Oz

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Mommynearest | 21 comments Finished book #3 of my task of 50.
" Mr. Midshipman Hornblower" I enjoyed this book, my first exposure to Naval history. I have heard it is easier to come back to this first book of the Hornblower series, after reading some of his later books, making the understanding of the sometimes choppy stories, easier to understand. I think I will continue to read the books in order and see how it goes.

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Mommynearest | 21 comments Finished book #4, The Historian. Listened on CD while commuting. I enjoyed the book, and it made the drive go fast.

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Tana Harrison The Historian is a great story. I read it and I think listening to it would make it more enjoyable, especially on a long trip.

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Mommynearest | 21 comments Finished book #5. Red Sky in Mourning.
I love survival stories. This book, I read in one day, is an inspiring true story of a woman surviving 41 days at sea. Well written and an amazing story.

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Patricia deleted

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Mommynearest | 21 comments Finished book 6 and 7 today. Book #6, "Disobedience," a book on tape. Fictional story about a woman who returns to England following the death of her Rabbi father, back to the strict Orthodox Jewish community and her ex lover, a woman.

Book #7, "Deep Survival: Who lives, Who Dies and Why." Put me back into the mood of craving Survival stories. More to come.

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Mommynearest | 21 comments Finished book #8 "Between a Rock and a Hard Place." I listened to this book on tape and it was so good. I could hardly wait to get in the car and drive. It was written and read by the author, the young man who had to cut off his arm when a bolder smashed on top of it. A very exciting tale.

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Mommynearest | 21 comments Completed books #9 and #10.
Left for Dead, audio book of the tragedies on Everest, when many died and one man's struggle to survive after being left for dead.
Adrift, a great read! 74 days lost a sea. This guy was amazing to survive his ordeal. He tells a great tale. I recommend this book.

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Mommynearest | 21 comments Finished book # 11, A Test of Will: One Man's Extraordinary Story of Survival. This was a great book. Author became a double above the knee amputee after a large boulder fell on him and had him pinned for 2 days before help arrive. The second half of the book goes on to tell of his amazing recovery and feats.

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Mommynearest | 21 comments Right on track with my own personal schedule of 1 book a week to meet my goal of 50 books read this year. Finished book #12 117 Days Adrift (World of Cruising.)The inspiration continues with this true story of a couple who lost their boat when a whale crashed into it. They managed to grab some meager supplies into their raft and dingy before their boat sank. Then began their 117 day survival story. An incredible tale.

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Mommynearest | 21 comments Finished lucky book #13. Survive the Savage Sea.
This time it is a whole family of 6, three of them children, survive the sea for 37 days. I am learning lots about eating turtles and dorado fish. They truly kept them alive. Their boat was also hit and sunk by whales. Yikes.

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Mommynearest | 21 comments Book #14, now I have landed off the sea, and embarked in a tale of survival in the jungle of Bolivia. Yikes, Jungle, grabbed me from the go and I found this book difficult to put down.

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Kelly B (kellyb) Hey, what is this book called? It sounds good!

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Mommynearest | 21 comments Finished book #15, Snow Crash.
Wow what a book, or rather book on tape. With almost 25 cassettes this took me forever to listen too. But, the author Neal Stephenson is brilliant. This book takes the reader in and out of a computer metaverse and covers everything from history, linguistics, anthropology, archaeology, religion, computer science, politics, cryptography, to philosophy and sword fights. Written in 1992,this cyberpunk novel will keep your head spinning as you follow the main characters as they attempt stop a dangerous new drug called "Snow Crash." A computer virus capable of infecting the brains of unwary hackers in the Metaverse and a mind-altering virus in Reality. Take it on.

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Mommynearest | 21 comments Kelly, sorry it wasn't clear. It was called "Jungle."

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Mommynearest | 21 comments Book # 16 Mothers and Sons
I listened to this book on Tape, but had a hard time getting into some of the stories, the reader has a strong Irish accent. I think I will get a hardcopy of the book and try again, because I have heard some good reviews.

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Mommynearest | 21 comments Book # 17, Skeletons on the Zahara.
True tale of survival on the Western Sahara in year 1815, by a group of sailors, whose boat shipwrecked on the west coast of Africa. Captured by Arab nomads, and forced into slaverly, the sailors endured horrible hardships while attempting to regain freedom. A horrific and amazing tale.

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Mommynearest | 21 comments Well, I have been so busy reading, I haven't posted my last 6 books...: "Bright Minds, Poor Grades, First You Cry, La Sombra del Viento, Left for Dead; Untold Story of the Greatest Diaster in Modern Sailing History, Fatal Forecast;An Incredible True Tale of Disaster and Survival at Sea." Lastly, "Lost Boys", my favorite! This book will haunt you! I loved it, the best read out of all 6!

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Sarah | 35 comments To all:

Can someone give me a heads up as to what "Lost Boys" is about? Sounds interesting.

I did sort of like The Namesake, read that in fall of 2007.


message 22: by Dianna (new)

Dianna (scrappergal) I'd suggest to read the various comments about "Lost Boys" here:

My personal review follows: "This book was so different from the other books by Orson Scott Card. While it was a story about ordinary life it was also bordering a bit on fantasy but not so far out to seem unreal. As a spiritual person I can imagine it happening just as it unfolds, while someone who isn't spiritually bent would just read a fantasy story. But no one can deny that this book doesn't make you think for quite some time after reading the last few words. You just have to stop and think about how all the pieces fit together and what is real to you and what isn't. As usual I enjoyed Card's writing and enjoy rambling around inside his thoughts. Thanks for the journey Mr. Card. "

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Mommynearest | 21 comments Finished 2 more books, places me half way to the goal of 5o books. Read "The Birthday Party: A Memoir of Survival." True, hour by hour, account of a Federal Prosector, Stanley N. Alpert,who was kidnapped and held for 25 hours as the kidnappers tried to get money out of his bank account. He survives using humor and staying cool.

"Miracle on the Andes." Such a great book! This book written by one of the Andes plane crash survivors is so moving and well written. Nando Perrado reaccounts his harrowing survival, 34 years after the crash, and his eventual 10 day climb out of the Andes to find rescue. I recommend listening to this book on tape as it intensifies the experience Nando and the others encountered. You will feel the cold and their fear. You won't forget this book!

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Mommynearest | 21 comments Finished books 26, 27. Read, "Albatross: The True Story of a Woman's Survival at Sea", " and "Undine." Albatross was another lost at sea book. I enjoyed this book as much as all the other lost at sea books, which is alot! "Undine," was a book on tape I picked up at the library. "Undine," was an ok listen, it got me through the boring drive to and fro work.

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