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((start here))

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"Romeo, Romeo, throw down your long hair!" "Dad you got it all wrong... Romeo's a boy, and I'm Juliet!" said Lanie practicing her part.

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Ann skipped to stage, humming, "Are we going to practice or not?" One of the snoty boys asked, "Coming!" She sang, and jumped onto stage, "I swear sometimes I wonder if you're from this planet." A couple of people laughed, and she smiled innocently at them.
"Let's go!" She said, changing to serious, "Where's our Juliet?!!" Ann huffed, looking around, "Does someone know where she is?!!"

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Dad kept going on and on about how his drama teacher hated him and that he was so excited that I was better then him and he chucles to himself. Dads I think to myself.

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Madi, sitting on the edge of the stage, shrugged. "Haven't seen her all day. Can't we start without her?"

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Ann sighed, "Fine, get ready guys, we're rehearsing." She said a little strict, she gets easily angered at shows and doesn't like mistakes... or being late to rehearsal, especially to her student-lead play.

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((who's playing what part? 'Cause I want Madi to be the nurse.))

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((you decide, she can be whatever part she wants, this is funny though because most people don't spell Madi like that... but that's how I spell my nickname, and that's how you spell your charecter's name))

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"OH MY GOSH! I HAVE REHERSAL! SHE GOIN TO KILL ME!" screamed Lanie. She ran into her familys golf cart, with some money incase a cop catches her, and drove to rehersal. As soon as she got in the theater, Mrs. Darbier says, "Where have you been! We've been waiting an hour for you!" Even though she knew practice stared fifteen minutes ago she apologized. "I'm sorry, my dad was late for work, and when we were 3 minuted away from the school, we ran out of gas. I walked the rest of the way here whitch took me four minutes. I'm so terribly sorry. While I was waiting for my dad to pick me up i was practicing my part... I swear." Lanie lied.

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Ann stopped the rehearsal, she was filling in for Lanie; "We're only on act one scene two; so come in now."

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Madi rolled her eyes. She was practicing her speech more than her part. But she just smiled and said, "Where should we pick up?"

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"Just start where Paris proposes to Juliet I guess." Ann sighed, and sank down in her directer's chair.

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"Umm, ok well. I forgot my script, this is not my day, my daddy's in the hopital and-" Lanie was interuped. Her dad just came into the drama room. "Honey, how did you get here? I called you one million times and found the golf cart missing. I guesses you were here!" Said dad saounding smart. No, duh you guesses. "You left you script were you were practicing." "Oh dad, you silly jockster." Thank you even though we got t-boned and hurt your back after getting t-boned you hobbled all the way to school just to bring me your script, thank you."
"But I didn't-" "Wait a second," Mrs. Darbire interuped, "I thought your car broke down!" "Yeah, um right after we got t-boned!" Oh boy, I was in trouble... crap!

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Anna clicked her tongue, she knew that this little "Larry lies alot" would be in trouble. She looked at the father, then patted him on the back, "Well thank you, now if you don't mind, hobble on back to the hospital FIVE MILES from here."

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"Oh father, I'll come with you. I'm sorry Mrs. Darbire, I will have to skip practice, because, oh corse, my father is seriously injured." "But honey I'm-" "In pain? I know daddy, lets call a cab!" And she walked to out the door.

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Anna sighed, rolling his eyes, "Okay everyone, take five!" She moved to the door, being careful not to be seen.

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Madi put her head in her hands. They call it drama class for a reason...

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On the way out Lanie had to make up an exuse. "Um, fther, I feel delerious, pumkim pies, jeloooooooooooooooooooooooo" and she fainted. Her father yelled, "Somebody help. My daughter fainted and the last thing she said was jelO HELP!"

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((was the jello thing supposed to be funny?))

Anna moved to Lanie, and smacked her on the face, "Wake uP!"

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((no she was trying to sound delirious by saying random things like pumpkin pie))
Lainie bolted up, "Rice Crispies... Daddy, you're OK, hows your back lets go home." And she layed on the ground again.

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"She's lost it." Anna stood and walked away, not in the mood to deal with it, "Teacher, Lanie's 'passed out' in the front of the school. Call an ambulance if you want."

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