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Recent books I've enjoyed

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message 1: by Doug (new)

Doug May | 1 comments Recently I've taken a little detour into non-fiction. A book I would highly recommend, as both a work of scholarship and a compulsive page-turner, is "Strange Angel" by George Pendle. It chronicles the life of John Whiteside Parsons, American rocket scientist and occultist. A terrific piece of California history, a fascinating overview of the early days of the Jet Propulsion Lab, and a provocative study of the intersection of science and Magick. Pendle's more recent book "Death, A Life" is a fun allegory--if a bit too arch and clever for its own good.

I just finished Christopher Isherwood's "Prater Violet" last night. I had enjoyed "Berlin Stories" years ago, and PV is a very entertaining novelette that uses the microcosm of the British film industry (it's semi-autiobiographical, with Isherwood playing the role of the screenwriter) in the period just before the rise of National Socialism. A witty book that turns surprisingly profound at the end.

message 2: by CasualDebris (new)

CasualDebris | 6 comments I read Prater Violet a number of years ago & don't remember it too well. Thanks for reminding me of its existence; I think I'll hunt down a copy.

message 3: by Andy (new)

Andy | 162 comments Mod
Best book I've read of late: Zimzum by Gordon Lish.

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