The Secret of Ella and Micha (The Secret, #1) The Secret of Ella and Micha question

Similar books?
MBooks MBooks Jun 10, 2015 09:51AM
I loved this book so much when I read it a few years ago however i really want to read more books with similar relationships where the main character moved away from home and their love was left behind and then moved back.. Some of my favorite books feature this kind of story line such as See Through Me (Sera Bright) and Bully (Penelope Douglas) and of course Dirty Secret (Emma Hart)

Any suggestions would be perfect! Thank you so much in advance!!(:

Awh thank you so much! I will definitely be reading where rainbows end! And oh I love Jennifer L. Armentrout and have read almost all her books so I'm sure I'll love it! Thank you so much for your help and suggestions(:

Mags please do this book will honestly change your life and leave you so fucked up at the same time its amazing and so frustrating by moment but DAMN THis ...more
Jul 22, 2015 04:03PM

I loved Ella and Micha! Micha loved Ella so much! I also loved "Falling into You" by Jasinda Wilder, I thought it was on the same lines.

i would suggest you to read where rainbows end if you haven't already (the two main characters are bestfirends since day one but both goes separate ways before going back in each other's life again)and its also one of my ultimate favorite book ever so yeah!

and if not the other book i have in mind is fall with me by Jennifer L. Armentrout
its not exactly the same and the characters are older then micha and ella (also the book is part of a series but you can read it alone its fine too) but they both were friends before something happen and then at the end get back together so yeah thats the two book i have in mind for you

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