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How cool is the Supreme Court?

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message 1: by Ken (last edited Jan 10, 2008 01:37PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Ken I've been blowing through this book the past couple of days and am now distressed by the fact that I only have 20 pages left. So I started this group. If you've read "The Nine" and want to discuss it a bit, please offer a post.

Dick I'm in the middle of it too. I think it's terrific, great bios of the justices and interesting stories explaining the background of the ebb and flow of the court.

Karen I loved this book, even with the conservative slant. Great book for people who love the law or politics.

Dick I thought it was terrific also. I'm a die-hard liberal but didn't really see any slant, and I was looking. I thought the story of the 2000 election and the "imperial presididency" stuff was fair too.

Wolfman I'm pretty lefty myself and i almost felt he was even slightly more willing to highlight the flaws and missteps of Scalia, Thomas, etc. but overall an admirably unbiased and pretty engaging piece of writing.

message 6: by Jen (new) - rated it 4 stars

Jen C. Toobin isn't a conservative-- he wrote for The New Republic in law school. I'd say, if anything, his writing and views veer toward the left.

Marsha I think the liberal slant was present during the discussion of Bush v. Gore. Otherwise, it was unbiased, but you have to notice his bias during the discussion of that case.

Nancy My impression of The Nine was of a fair reporting with Toobin being hardest on the Thomas and Scalia, suggesting a left lean. Since I don't know any of the justices, I can't tell if he was being particularly hard on some by focusing on unpleasant personality traits or was giving an even handed description of all justices in a way that made Thomas and Scalia more distasteful to this slightly left of center reader.

His descriptions really brought the court alive for me.

Judy Just finished listening to the audio version a couple of weeks ago. I'm more middle of the road and felt he didn't care much for Thomas in particular; however, I also felt he took great pains to present everyone as fairly as he could. This book did an excellent job of showing the inner workings of the Supreme Court. It was quite fascinating even though I don't normally care to read about the government, politics, etc. I understand the machinations of our highest court much better than before.

Susan (aka Just My Op) It has been several months since I read this and I don't have a copy I can check, but I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I also thought it seemed to be presented fairly, of both the liberals and the conservatives. And I learned so much, always a plus.

Chris Gunnell Honestly, writing about politics completely objectively is almost impossible, since anyone educated enough to write a 200+ page book on the Supreme Court is probably educated enough to have made up their mind on the subject/taken a "liberal," or "conservative," view. I'd agree with Judy, though, in that he really did seem to TRY to present a middle-of-the-road viewpoint, even if his liberal bias might come through at some points. I thought it was a really good book on the contemporary Supreme Court.

message 12: by Rapidio (last edited May 05, 2012 07:48PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Rapidio Been meaning to read this book for quite a while and finally checked it out from my library, basically to read about the supremes thoughts on the 2000 election, and read it no further than that section. Toobin presented a relatively even handed approach, but his liberal leanings are more than apparent to this reader, but I doubt any author could have kept his personal predilections out of a book of this type.

Jeffery Moulton The book was very illuminating. Most of the time I agree that he was even-handed, but there were a few times where his liberal bias was very apparent--especially in the 2nd half of the book. But for a book that was advertised as a great read before the 2008 election, I think a slant one way or the other should have been expected.

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