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Powerful sexual energy,with sweetness! Labor problems included.

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Susan Bosqueait This book seems to be a historical novel,clearly one would have to know more about immigration in Canada and the development of labor unions. I really know nothing of either,but found it an incredible story of love and passion intertwined with cultural diversity and assimilation into a new land.

Yvonne For me it provided a cultural, historical context for Toronto before I moved here fifteen years ago. It was (is) my way to assimilate - understanding place by virtue of story. One can do the same with Hemingway in Paris and Pamuk in Istanbul. The imagery has stayed with me. I think of the novel every time I see the Bloor Street Viaduct.

Sheila It was a difficult read for me, but I found I had a much easier time getting through the book once I let go of the characters as particular individuals and instead began perceiving them as mythical figures; representing a set of ideals or circumstances, and not necessarily supposed to be understood as being "real" in themselves. If that makes sense.

That's a nifty idea, Yvonne.

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Paul Lima I was looking for a cultural, historical context for Toronto, but I could not get beyond the writing - required way too much work. Maybe I'm a lazy reader, but this was like pulling teeth and reading poetry when I wanted an interesting narrative chew, so to speak.

Karl @Paul, you wanted an interesting narrative? What kind of narrative would that be?

Fred For me, this book was gripping, front to back. Especially loved the cow-through-the-ice scene and the Nun-off-the-bridge scenes! Complicated and unpredictable, I think it's fantastic. Anil's Ghost is his book that i struggled with, this one is a classic.

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