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Tessa (tms4341) | 25 comments 5/26/15- (Skipping around my list here)
So I've been meaning to read this book before the movie comes out (I think I've had it over a year on the shelf) and now that I'm finally getting around to it, I find out the movie has already been released, 2 months ago apparently. Oh well. I'll read it still before I rent it. ;)
8/19/15- Had to break for 2 summer classes that I took and spent all my time reading textbooks. :( However, I finally finished Serena. It was good. Spooky sometimes the character of Serena. Set in the 1930's, Serena and Pemberton run a logging business. They're in the Tennessee area and the government is pushing for tree land to become a national park. In addition, Pemberton has an illegitimate child and when Serena discovers she can't have children, she unleashes her wrath on the child and mother. It's a good book and I would recommend it.
4.5/5 stars

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