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medic cat:Fallfeather-she~cat




mates/family: Flashflood and Morningmist=kits,torrent+lightningstrike,sunwing+whirlwind,hurricane+tornado,snowstorm+blizzard

Chapter One:Heavenstar's Call

The trees stood silhouetted black against the setting sun.Stormstar gazed upon her clan.For tonight,all was well.She sighed inwardly and swished her tail to keep the flies from her back.It was burnsky now and there was no turning back.Her clan had finally found a place where they could live far from human reach and hopefully that of other clans.Cloudkit bounded up to her."Tell us a story please."
"Yes,please."the other kits quickly followed their sister and sat in the grass in front of Stormstar.she eyed the kits and pretended to think on it."My darlings,it's getting late an Morningmist will worry."
Fogkit shrugged,he had always been the rebellious one."So,mom can go eat dog dung for all I care,Fallfeather told my again today that I was the one that was tampering with her herbs."he frowned.
"Well,were you?"Stormstar questioned.
His eyes lit up and he smiled.
"Thought so.what would you guys like to here this evening?"
"A story of Darkclan and their treacherous ways."Breezekit grinned.Stormstar was shocked
"Excuse me?Where did you hear that,certainly not from your-It was Whirlwind wasn't it?"Stormstar shook her head."He should not be telling you ghost stories and giving you nightmares."
Skykit curled up next to stormstar."Tell us the one of Heavenstar's Calling please."
"That's sissy stuff,"Fogkit scoffed.
"No,"Stormstar looked at the kit and smiled."It is full of betrayal deceit and a promise that Darkstar made to return."
Fogkit's mouth gaped.
"Shall I begin?"
"Yes,yes."chorused the kits.
"alright,"Stormstar looked at the stars that dotted the azure sky and purred.she cleared her throat and began.

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"Long ago,when the world was new,Heavenstar made the animals different.And although she made them different,they were all friends.But a cat in the world thought that all cats were much more important than the other animals and he sought to find the root of Heavenstar's power and take it all for himself so the cat's could rule and be challenged by no other animal.His name was darkstar and the moment she made him,she knew immediately that he was a troublemaker."Stormstar paused and settled her gaze on fogkit,he blushed.She continued."but she had a strange fascination with this cat and his curiousity and could not bring herself to destroy him.So she watched the cat closely and made sure he did not spread rumors and disrupt the natural balance.Darkstar watched her too,all the while scheming as he did so."An owl hooted and skykit jumped.Stormstar stood."come,we will take the story to my den where none shall be frightened."
"Thank you."Skykit muttered sheepishly.

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stormstar settled the kis down and continued."Now Darkstar was cunning;he led all the cats to think they were the best animals in the world."
"well,we are."fogkit muttered.
"no,we were all created equally,to serve and obey Heavenstar."skykit insisted.
"Anyway,"stormstar growled."heavenstar looked upon the Earth one day and saw the cats stalking slowly and stealthily in the brush toward a smaller animal;a rabbit,for the rabbits,too,thought they were the best.the cats set upon the rabbit and overpowered it.heavenstar watched helplessly as they killed the poor thingand decided that she would defeat the cats by means of a trick.with her power she decided to bestowe a gift on each and every animal.darkstar bragged of this to the others when he heard.'She has finnally seen the true power of the cat and wishes to make us the strongest.'heavenstar thought wisely on the gift to torment the cats,and finally decided on a proper one.Darkstar was to recieve the gift of the cat for the species and so he came in his turn.Heavenstar feigned a smile.'I have seen the power of the cat and wish to make him the strongest.'darkstar's eyes sparkled.'i knew this day would come.'heavenstar bowed her head and touched noses with Darkstar.he shut his eyes tightly for a few long moments.'I feel no different.'he said.'You have tricked me and now the cats shall perish.'
'No,'answered heavenstar,'For you do indeed have a gift.'
'What is it then?'
'the will to hunt and slay your enemies,silent feet and nine lives.'
'Yes,we are all powerful.'heavenstar nodded and another cat by the name of Ironheart walked forward.'heavenstar.'cried Darkstar furiously.'i was told i was the one to receive the gift for my species.'
'and you are.'She touched noses with Ironheart and immediately he was transformed into a modern lion.
Ironheart growled and stalked off.'but Heavenstar,what gifts have you given my brother?'
'The same as you,plus the will to slay and kill his own kingdom,for he will kill all smaller than himself,including your kind.'"

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"'why?'snarled darkstar.'for i have served you faithfully?'
'you began a revolt against me,pouring poison into the cat's ears.because of you,they will have to hunt to survive and their prey is cunning.they shall live in clans too and will be the slaves of humans.'
darkstar bowed and turned,but he lunged himself at Heaven star.he had learned where her magic came from.his teeth clasped her neck and he drank her warm blood,for her blood was magic.heavnstar called upon her subjects and darkstar was quickly subdued.heaenstar banished him.he raised an army and attacked with great force,but heavenstar was ready for him and he died in the battle,he was sent to heavenclan but no cat wanted him there.heavenstar snarled.'You shall go to a place where those who do not believe shall go.darkclan,you shall rule but your life their will be filled with misery.'
'The past that's dark with crimes brings revenge in future times.i shall return to the land you love so dearly and i shall lead a revolt in which all the world shall cry out,and your followers' blood shall be spilt to make mud in the rain.'heavenstar shivered and realized immediately that Darkstar was mad.'you can stay and we will fix this.'
darkstar's mouth quirked in a sneer.'fear and guilt here begun,let them break you one by one.'and with that he was gone.""weird,what about the first creation,when heavenstar mated with moonstar and brought forth the earth?"skykit whispered.stormstar's eyes twinkled
"before they had made all the animals to roam the forests and seas and skies.before they made darkstar,who slew his brother sunnypelt and made all the world forgetful.Before they made Man,the stranges animal of them all.Before they did any of this,Heavenstar looked out on the universe and she was glad at what she saw."
"what did she see?"fogkit's eyes were wide.
"why that was the stars my little ones."growled Stormstar,throwing her up her proud eyes into the endless heavens."For in the beginning,there was light."

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Chapter Two:Intruder

Stormstar licked her paw and watched watched her deputy train Stormeye.It was going better than planned;the happy-go-lucky smirk was wiped completely from Thunderclaw's face.
"Having a little trouble are we?"Stormstar asked,all innoccence.
Thunderclaw growled."Why don't you come over here and help?"
"Not my apprentice."
Fallfeather waddled,yes she was a rather large cat and looked almost like an overstuffed pillow,but she was one of the sweetest cats Stormstar had ever met and she had been her medic at birth.

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fallfeather glared at Stormeye before addressing Stormstar."Morningmist refuses to discipline Fogkit.he did it again,only this time he stole mint and garlic!"Stormstar growled and set off to find him.

"Fogkit!how could you steal from your own clan?!"
fogkit scuffed the ground with his paw and looked at the dirt."I swear i didn't do it."
"Then who did?"
"Maybe one of my siblings or Stormeye,I promise I didn't do it this time."
stormstar heard the truth in his voice."of course you didn't,come with me."
"But i didn't do it,honest."
"If you did nothing,come with me."
Fogkit followed her obediently,neither were aware of the eyes that watched them from the trees.

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Stormstar pulled the kit into the trees and sat on a branch with him."There is a prophecy,you're being framed for it."She whispered

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