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The Discovery of France

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Thom Gunn In my last ten trips to France, which last months at a time, I've constantly asked myself how, why, where, what????

After reading a hundred books, seeing 300 French movies, talking to thousands of French locals...

I am very slowly getting the picture.

But almost no other experience provided as big of a piece of the puzzle in a more enjoyable way than this book.

It is an overwhelming treasure of nuggets, mined, organized and presented with skills that leave me awestruck...

Like coming across Handel in a Parisian park or flying down a mountain on a bicycle or...

The only critical question I have is given the author's dazzling abilities, after you've fallen under his spell (here, or in his biographies of Balzac or Hugo) and suspended disbelief, how much did he really nail and how much just seems so because of the inertia he creates.

It is inconceivable to me that anyone could claim to know France or history without reading this book.

But then it is also inconceivable to me that this book could be created by a mortal.

I don't think I'm exaggerating when I shout into the wind: GRAHAM ROBB IS A TREASURE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION -- and one more small reason why we cannot ever dismiss England despite its bad food, ugly cities, crimminal prices, and ruthless history.

Brick Wahl Yeah, in my top ten favorite books.

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