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Brenda Mccreight The well written and useful book presents a number of plans on how to use your time creatively and how to double up on purpose and tasks in order to make time work for you. The author’s main purpose is to help the reader discover the means to find more joy in life and to break free of the demands of the workplace without sacrificing income or responsibility.
I especially appreciated the well laid out strategies and examples on how to double up on time without wearing myself out or cutting short on what had to be accomplished. I also appreciated that none of this was presented as a get rich quick or *dump your job and run off to paradise* that is so common in other books, including the popular but unrealistic “4 Hour Work Week.” The Time Trading Guru is realistic and possible for any reader.
I highly recommend this book for anyone who needs to re-energize and re-discover their spark within the confines of daily living.

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