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City of Glass > *BIGGEST SPOILER ALERT*** CITY OF GLASS FINALLY :) (cos Rees knows what happens)

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message 1: by Rees (new)

Rees Okay, miraculously I am one of the many extremely rare people to read it first. Lucky me.


Here I go friends...

- Luke's sister is Ametist.

- The thing that Clary and Jace find in the basement that shocks unshockable Jace is... an angel.
And the past of his experiments and all are revealed to Clary and Jace, but then is misunderstood. I'll tell you more about that later.... So afterwards, Jace and Clary start getting it on outside .. somewhere.. (not telling you where hehe) then.. Clary decides its not right.. so she pushes Jace off.

- CLARY AND SEBASTIAN KISS. yes that's right, they kiss!!

.. Oh and Alec doesn't kiss Jace... LOL

- The bit where Clary walks in on Jace and Aline, Aline had some buttons off ;)LOL


As I suspected people.. THEY ARE NOT RELATED.

Jace is the son of Stephen Herondale. Making him the inquisitors grandson. The star birthmake on his shoulder is something that all Herondale descendants inherit because their ancestor had been in contact with the angel himself.

Infact, SEBASTIAN, is actually the REAL Jonothan Morgenstern son of Valentine.
Back when I said, Jace and Clary were getting it on... it's cause Jace thought he had greater demon in him thats why he felt the way he did towards Clary. But it is actually Sebastian. And Jace has Angel blood in him.

- Valentine dies.

And here's something to ensure you all still love me.. and want more from me..

Jace dies....

to find out more.. be sure to check here everyday :)


message 2: by Rees (new)

Rees darlings, I don't see comments whether or not everyone wants to know.. what else happens.

Or shall I torture you more?

message 3: by Rees (new)

Rees Okay, until there are further comments and/ or views.

This is all you'll get for this hour. :(

-- For those of you who love the gay thing.
Meaning, Mr Magnus Bane and Alexander Lightwood..

They kiss..
not only do they kiss. But Alec kisses Magnus.. INFRONT OF EVERYONE. Downworlders and Nephilim.
Everyone includes... Maryse and Robert too :)

message 4: by LeNa (new)

LeNa | 12 comments torturing everyone is fuuuuun :D I read the book too and I still could kick my ass cuz I read spoilers (It made me experience this book a little less with surprises)but it was great anyways and now since I know what happens in the end I can die peacfully :D
Can't wait until everyone reads the book, I'd like to hear some thoughts

message 5: by Rees (new)



i kind of cheated I just needed to know whether they were related or not, so I just opened the book.. and it miraculously opened up to the bit where Jocelyn and Clary are sitting down while the Clave are deciding... (you know what I'm talking about)

I was in tears on the bus, cause I had just picked it up. LOL

message 6: by LeNa (last edited Mar 19, 2009 05:23AM) (new)

LeNa | 12 comments LOL yeah I almost cried myself when I got it :D Everyone thinks I'm nuts

Yeah I rember that part with Jocelyn. I kinda wish Clary and Jace would have found out together. I bet they would have smashed into each other lol

But the part at Lake Lyn is great too, you know when he died and...

message 7: by Rees (new)

Rees LOL.. "KALE" Lyn, good one.
yeah... I WAS LIKE... WHAT?! NO?! NO! NO! NO!


message 8: by LeNa (last edited Mar 19, 2009 05:31AM) (new)

LeNa | 12 comments lol yeah I changed it

SEE I wanted those WHAT?! NO WAY Moments too but I already knew the end so I wasn't concerned at all!!! I wish I didn't read spoilers

Oh and I looooved the part know the last night before the descision/battle awwwwwwww

message 9: by Leesa (new)

Leesa (LUVLEE) | 4 comments JACE DIES??!?!! That can't happen! That would totally ruin the whole series. Jace and Clary have to end up together in the end. If they're not brother and sister they need to BE TOGETHER!!

Please give me hope it ends good. My whole excitement, for the book, died when I read that about Jace. That would seriously kill me.

message 10: by LeNa (new)

LeNa | 12 comments there are some peeppz who die in the end, incl. Jace BUT maybe there might be something that can be done about it ;) so there is still hope :D

message 11: by Rees (new)

when he smiles cause he knows shes watching him.. and what he says.. I was like... OH MY GOSH!!

OH!.. and how hot was the bit outside the Wayland Manor... on the grass.. OH GOD! LOL
.. oh and when sebastian was explaining how she is when.. she's being blah blah... like she's surprised.. So hot.

Yes, he dies Leesa, but like Lena says, there maybe something done about it.
If you know your mortal instruments stuff.. you only need one name. And I am kind enough to give it to you- Raziel.
There's your hope :)

message 12: by Rees (new)

Rees And for all of you fellow readers...(not including Lena, cause she too knows what happens) LOL

Here is your spoiler for the day.

For those of you who loves that kind hearted Werewolf.

Jocelyn and Luke do get together :)

oh and Simon wins hearts ;)

umm... and the mirror.. isn't at all what you think... rethink your tactics.. I'm not spoiling that yet cause.. well.. it's a really good twist.

what else..?

Oh.. i don't know if I miscalculated this Lena... but is Aline.. not into guys? LOL
as in into girls?
cause thats the way I inerpreted it.

SO.. if I get that right. That means, Simon and Magnus aren't the only gay people. ;)
So then.. where does that leave Aline? *evil laughs*

keep the comments coming.
I know.. you're secretly pretending that you're not reading this.. but I know you can't resist. BAHAHAH

message 13: by Panda (new)

Panda (pandaink) | 84 comments i just went right down to the comment bit but i read a little too much I KNEW IT!!!! AHHHHH JACE IS AN ANGEL!!!! i am going to stay off the net till i get it in my own hands. good for me i have a day off work that day yesssss

message 14: by Rees (new)

Rees LOL.. WELL... Panda, technically he is not. ;)

its something more amazing than that. :D

message 15: by Panda (new)

Panda (pandaink) | 84 comments OMG i fell to your power play....i vent back up and read it...dam me and my week curiousity.






my mind can not handle that beautiful Angle

sebastian related to Clary??? Ress do you remember us having a convo about it that "what if that would happen?" serious odd that it turned out true.

message 16: by Rees (new)

Rees OH MY GOSH!!!

that maybe Aline was related to someone.. see!! we were right!! *high5*

yes, he dies.. LIKE DIES.. DEAD DEAD DEAD. ")


message 17: by Panda (new)

Panda (pandaink) | 84 comments *high five back* hahaha Clary kissed her real borther gross, well i might as well know more now, i read the last page at the book store but the guy took it out of my hands, so i know he lives and there's happy fire works or something.
but few questions....

1. are there ALOT of hot Jace/Clary moments (there better be my money's worth in that book!)

2. how the hell did Clary get over to the city of Glass

and lastly

3. is Simon still annoying

message 18: by Rees (new)

Rees umm... I'll PM you the answers just so the others.. remain in the torture. LOL

message 19: by Rees (new)

Rees or actually... I won't.. tell you about the whole Jace dying thing.. MORE EVIL LAUGHS.

And if anyone else wants to know things.. don't hesitate to ask.. and I'll answer them via PM.. and answer them in detail. :)

message 20: by Panda (new)

Panda (pandaink) | 84 comments ahhhh yes yes very evil you are dont worry the pressure will crack over the weekend when people have nothing to do.

cant wait!

message 21: by Rees (new)

Rees LOL

thats the plan.

I'm just finishing up your questions.. and I'll message them to you.

message 22: by Panda (new)

Panda (pandaink) | 84 comments yesss!!!!

*wait eyes glued to screen*

message 23: by LeNa (last edited Mar 20, 2009 04:53AM) (new)

LeNa | 12 comments Rees
YEAH I loved loved loved the parts by the Wayland Manor and the bedroom!! AND what he said to Clary about her being afraid he wouldn’t want her anymore cuz it might get boring since its not “forbidden” anymore :D awwww

I also loved how Jace stood up and said to Sebastian right in his face that he didn’t like him

And I also loved how he freaked out when she showed up in Alicante

AND I totally loved Jace/Simon/(Isabell)!
my fave quote: (it goes something like that I dont have the book right now) I think its the first chapter and was like "why are you staring at me? Next time i'll send you a picture" "and I'll frame it and put it on my nightstand"

One more spoiler: Hodge will rejoin as well

Oh didn’t think of Alice not being into guys. Hm I don’t know…I need to reread it then

message 24: by Rees (new)

Rees GNAWWWW.. the "forbidden" bit was so cute.

yeah.. the whole sebastian vs jace thing was hot. vary macho.

LOL. who can forget about Hodge.
Remember how Alec full kisses Magnus. I cracked up at 4 in the morning.

message 25: by LeNa (last edited Mar 20, 2009 05:41AM) (new)

LeNa | 12 comments LOL macho...I think I haven't heard that word in a while

Hold on, do I remember it right that Jace wanted Alec to kiss him??? Or have I dreamed it?

Yeah maybe Alec put the fearless rune on him before he did it lol

message 26: by Rees (new)


LOL fearless rune?! nah even with that no one can be that fearless.

No, Jace wa just challenging Alec. He knew Alec wouldn't really do it.
And you didn't dream it.
Mind you, that would've been a VERY HOT dream. LOL

message 27: by LeNa (last edited Mar 20, 2009 05:26AM) (new)

LeNa | 12 comments ok so I remeber it right lol Yeah I think he wanted Alec to move on and get over him so he can be with Magnus. Yeah that would have been hot though

I thought there was not enough Magnus this time, he was know...somewhere (and avoiding Alec) I missed his irony

do you know when the first book of the new triology will come out? (Hope its as good as this one...yay more Nephilim!) But I will miss everyone from this book!

message 28: by Rees (new)

Rees Yeah I think so, that or he was just trying to change the subject and provoke Alec. *grins* VERY HOT INDEED.

Yeah, I love Magnus but he wasn't there as much as COA. He was in a lot of scenes in COA. In COG he was only there to contradict and criticise Clary's romantic escapades.. even when he was trying to help Jocelyn. LOL

No, not sure when it will come out. Yeah, aparently some of the lightwoods would be in it.
But where's Jace and Clary? I want some more of them. I'm disappointed now. The trilogy is complete. I want to know what happens to them in the end... ya know? :(
I need a new book to read now.
Got any good ones.. that revolves around.. "forbidden love"? *giggles*

message 29: by Rees (new)

Rees Spoiler of the day:

One of the Lightwoods die.

(just as I suspected people!!!)

is it just me or is everyone dying? LOL

message 30: by LeNa (new)

LeNa | 12 comments Oh about what happens in the end to Jace and know after the book. I thought we were given a hint..or maybe I misinterpreted the bedroom, do you know what I mean? (I can write u a pm if u want)

I'll write u a pm about my book suggenstiones, I think its out of topic here :D and I'd be glad if I'd get some too haha

Oh and I realized Raphael was only in one small scene in COG...I kinda liked his character and I missed the bike :D and Jace on it :D

message 31: by Rees (new)

Rees mm yeah I think so.
PM me anyway Lena.

definitely, many suggestions wanted and needed. :D

yeah.. Jace was so badass in COA with him riding the bike.
Raphael is so weird.. especially when he saw the mark on Simon's forehead.

message 32: by LeNa (new)

LeNa | 12 comments soooo I guess everybody is rubbing their hands lol 1 more day left, yay.

So tomorrow nobody will be writing anything and we won't dare to disturb

Enjoy everyone!

message 33: by Rees (new)


check out the new thread for COG (yay) .. titlesd.. City of glass- something something (i think i called it.. the wait is over) Bad headache and longs days don't mix guys.

but feel free to come back here and discuss the many spoilers Lena and myself have given. LOL

message 34: by Panda (new)

Panda (pandaink) | 84 comments dude just finish reading CoG so awesome words can not explain. it was so sweet and sad it was wonderful. love for Jace has grown

message 35: by LeNa (new)

LeNa | 12 comments awwww yes he is awesome, isnt he??
what did u like the most?

I need to read the whole series again!

message 36: by Kami ♥ (new)

Kami ♥  C. | 13 comments wait so Simon is gay? i thought tat alec and magnes were? its so confusing

message 37: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (lettingtheinkdry) | 206 comments SIMON IS NOT GAY!!!!
Only Magnus and Alec are.

message 38: by Kami ♥ (new)

Kami ♥  C. | 13 comments ohhh. then why did some one say simon was gay

Rees said O.. if I get that right. That means, Simon and Magnus aren't the only gay people. ;)
So then.. where does that leave Aline? *evil laughs*

message 39: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (lettingtheinkdry) | 206 comments Yes she was trying to say Aline was gay.

message 40: by Kami ♥ (new)

Kami ♥  C. | 13 comments ohhh

message 41: by Heather (new)

Heather (heatherjoy) I loved the scene where Jace finally tells Clary he loves her and then asks if he can stay the night with her. That scene was so sweet and so heartbreaking I cried. I knew in my heart of hearts they weren't brother and sister, but they didn't. And just knowing that his idea of heaven was to lay down beside her, not even touching her, knowing it would never be enough and then when he looked over and told her goodnight, just ripped my heart out.

message 42: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (lettingtheinkdry) | 206 comments OMG I know I was balling my eyes out. It was one of my favorite scenes in the book.
On a different note. Did anyone else think Max's death was unnessary? I sure did. I was reading and was like what the hell did she do that for?! It's not like it would have mattered if eh lived or died I just thought is was a suprise and unnessary.

message 43: by Heather (new)

Heather (heatherjoy) I know! I didn't understand why he killed him either. I mean, he didn't care if his cover was blown, so why kill a little boy? but then, I also got the impression that Sebastian was completely sadistic and if you pissed him off and if he ever got the chance, he would make you regret it. I think Max made him angry by taking his book back, and also, Max did see him climbing the demon towers.

message 44: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (lettingtheinkdry) | 206 comments Yah. But I felt awful all the same. I mean we're all still on a high from teh Jace and Clary scene from just seconds before, and what better way to bring us back down to earth than with Max's unnessary death. Can we say BOOM!

message 45: by Malena (new)

Malena (thefieryheartnz) Do you guys think Cassandra Clare left COG open to another book?

message 46: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (lettingtheinkdry) | 206 comments I would absolutly LOVE that!!!!!! I think she left the thing with Simon as well as Sabastion open for a reason. Or not you never know.

message 47: by Malena (new)

Malena (thefieryheartnz) I was thinking Cassandra Clare left Sebastian very open to another book when they didn't find his body. He must be alive somewhere?!?

message 48: by Hannah (new)

Hannah (lettingtheinkdry) | 206 comments He must! THough I had hoped that he dies a slow and rather painful death. He was SUCH A BASTARD!!!

message 49: by LeNa (new)

LeNa | 12 comments I dont think theres gonna be a sequel to this series. She must be working on the new triology: I hope the new charkters are as great as Clary, Jace & Co

message 50: by Jessica (new)

Jessica | 9 comments Me too. Ah I love this book so much. He keep reading the part where they were at the manor.That was just extremely hott.And I loved the part where she is fighting with Jace at Atamis's house haha priceless.

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