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Eclipse Script, Must Haves..

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Stephanie I didn't write this I just thought it was really good!!!

Movies tend to be no more than two hours long. For most that is long enough, especially when you are sitting in a theater. But is that really enough time to fit all of are beloved eclipse moments. I know all of us hardcore twilighters would sit for hours upon hours in a movie theater, but we do need to look at this rationally. In twilight there were some scenes that cut from the movie that were major things in the book and having those things out of the movie caused a uproar in a lot of boards and forums. But did having those things cut really make a difference, people who hadn’t read twilight, still got the idea behind the book. Anyways back to eclipse, eclipse is a good size book. A lot happens and I’m afraid that some major scenes could risk getting cut. Here is a list of my top 20 some scenes that should be in the movie.

(Note: these are in order that they appeared in the book)

1. Charlie passing notes between Bella and Jacob. - To me this just shows how bad things got between Jacob and Bella. And just how bad its hurting Jacob (Arggg, I cant believe I just said that because I am so not a Jacob fan. Team Edward all the way!!)

2. All of the newspaper articles about Seattle. - If we didn’t have this then a lot of people who didn’t read the book would be very lost.

3. The trip to see Renee. - I think this is a must because, otherwise Renee would never see how Bella and Edward act together.

4. The English note conversation.- Ok I’ll admit it, this isn’t a major thing but I just love the scene so much. I had to throw it in here, plus it’s a good follow up on the trip.

5. Save the Olympic Wolf/ Jacob scene - This Scene shows how much Bella misses Jacob and the fact that you have to work fast when there’s a psychic vampire involved.

6. Angela and Bella - Its nice to see Bella hang out with other people, other than the Cullens.

7. Alice kidnapping Bella - The amazing Porsche finally comes into play. Bella and Alice get to spend more time together. Also Rosalie becomes a little bit like-able.

8. Jacobs school rescue. - it’s a nice little touch.

9. (MIA) Room - When they really start to realize that someone is after Bella

10. Knife incident - Edward gets to be light-hearted and funny.

11. Bomb fire - Bella first gets the idea of the third wife

12. Jasper’s Story - Who doesn’t love hearing about Jasper’s past, plus it helps Bella understand being a newborn vampire a little bit more

13. The kiss - Jacob trying to make Bella realize that she loves him to, so he kisses her. Really how can this not be in it. And a bonus Emmett gets to have his very famous funny line.

14. The bet - I know that this one is small, but I like it

15. Graduation/party - A lot happens Bella figures out some major information and everyone finally gets to see the Cullens’ house. Jacob also makes Bella a bracelet (which I own)

16. Training - MAJOR

17. Comprise - MAJOR, MAJOR. Hello this is like the biggest must have ever. I say every little detail should be in the movie.

18. The tent - Bella realizes she loves both Jacob and Edward

19. The fight - need I say more

20. Poor Jacob - Jacob’s whole right side of his body is broken. Bella gets to spend time with him alone. it’s a very cute scene

21. Planning - Alice finds out she gets to plan a wedding.

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Also, if they don't have this, I will cry.

"I am Switzerland. I refuse to be affected by territorial disputes between mythical creatures."-Bella

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Yeah, thats the best bella line ever (not really, she has lots of great lines)

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HUZZA!!! Jasper's story is on the list!!!!!!!!!!!

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Court YESS!!! THEY HAVENT CUT OUT MUCH!!! *does a happy dance*

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