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Gordon A real page-mover. It's not a morbid account of physical attrocities in The Nam. Rather, it's one soldier's emotional journey. He rails against the war, the government, the army, but all his anger is explained and justified. All his arguments are backed by experience and thoughtful feeling. This is a real American who disagreed with the government. I'm gaining an excellent understanding of what life was like back then, the 70's, the Nam.

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Eric_W This is a powerful book. I graduated in '65 from high school, the same year as Ketwig. Vietnam and the Civil Rights movement defined our generation. Everything since has been colored by those two life experiences. The draft hung over our heads; everything we did: drugs, idealism, haircuts, resentment of authority was a direct result of the contradictions we experienced. And there were many contradictions: we love peace and thou shalt not kill but slaughter the Commies; don't wear your hair long, but Christ had shoulder length hair in every church picture; we celebrate freedom, but sheriffs and police used cattle prods on blacks, volunteer to join the army and support your country, but if you don't we're going to draft you anyway. Some of us were lucky; 50,000 were not; some were conscientious objectors; some fought out of a misplaced patriotism; some left for Canada; but ALL of us lost friends and ALL were indelibly marked by Vietnam. You might be interested in Larry Heinneman's Close Quarters A Novel

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