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message 1: by Courtni (new)

Courtni ok, I'm about half way through the third book of the series, but something has been driving me nuts about the storyline! Will's father, John Parry, says in the story that when he entered Lyra's world, he saw his daemon for the first time (the osprey). Later in the story, when Will enters Lyra's world, a daemon does not appear for him, and he has one of his angel companions pose as his daemon. Maybe this is resolved later in the book, and if it does, feel free to tell me to just shut up and read the book!

John John Parry, in the second book, talked about how he had to work at seeing his daemon for the first didn't just appear. I think that he had been there for a while and became a shaman before ever seeing it? I may be wrong, but that's how I remembered it...things become a little clearer at the end of the third book, so keep with it!

message 3: by Jason (new)

Jason Will's daemon does appear in the third book and is named Kirjava (I don't want to give anything else away). Maybe you haven't reached that part of the book yet?

Allison I think the idea that he first saw her when he became a shaman would be pretty accurate. I always wondered, myself. I don't think that you can compare Will seeing Kirjava to John seeing his dæmon. I doubt John went through what Will did. by now you're probably done but I still don't want to say more.

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