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New vampire book out - The Opposite of Life

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Narrelle Hi everyone!
I saw the invite to join if you're writing vampire fiction, so here I am. My new book is a contemporary vampire novel set in Melbourne, Australia.

If you're interested, the first six chapters are available at the publisher's website at


message 2: by Narrelle (new)

Narrelle My new vampire novel, "The Opposite of Life" has been getting some good reviews!

"Harris shows a deft descriptive touch and an eye for setting... Melissa has the right combination of fragility and sass to carry the story." - Jason Nahrung in The Courier-Mail, 9 February 2008.

"A good read, it drew me along... I did NOT see the ending coming." - Tehani Wessely, Andromeda Spaceways

Overseas readers interested in getting it can find it at Abbeys Bookshop online:

And if you'd rather 'try before you buy', check out the first six chapters at the publishers website:

Narrelle Harris

message 3: by K (new)

K I must say, I enjoyed it!

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