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message 1: by Vincent (new)

Vincent Lowry (vlowry) | 294 comments Mod
Do you have any giveaway questions? If so, please ask them here.

message 2: by Leslie (new)

Leslie (bookcake) Can we invite random people? I don't know anyone other than one person on this site so I don't have 10 people to invite lol.

By random inviting, I would probably invite people depending on what their interests were - as to not annoy people with an invite from someone they don't know.

Also, for this to count towards the invite giveaway, do all 10 people have to actually join? Or do they just need to be invited?

By the way, I wanted to say thank you for giving us more chances at winning a free book. :)

message 3: by Vincent (new)

Vincent Lowry (vlowry) | 294 comments Mod
Hi Leslie!

That sounds fine to invite people who will have an interest in the book. You don't have to worry about them joining--the invitation is enough to count toward your entry in the contest.

I'm glad you like the giveaways!

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