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Stranger with My Face
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Astral Projection: Young girl, may be a twin... [s]

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ActionStar | 2 comments ...I remember her guessing how long she was "out of it". I think she is American Indian. I think she tried to hide it; she may have astral projected in the woods or something so no one would know. It's a small book for youths. The book didn't tell you how to astral project, it was just a story. TIA!

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mdt (mdt13) | 103 comments It sounds like "Stranger with My Face" by Louise Duncan.

I know in the end it turns out that the main character, Laurie, is adopted, an American Indian with an "evil" twin who eventually takes over Lauries body.

rivka | 303 comments That was my guess from the thread title too. :)

ActionStar | 2 comments I think that's the name of it. Thanks!

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KJP (petersen) | 9 comments That was my thought too-- and i was like yay I can help someone-- but too late :)

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