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What Crime fiction books are you reading?

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message 1: by Darren (new)

Darren (darrenelaws) | 1 comments Mod
It says it all in the topic title, but who are your favourite authors, what are you reading and why do you love crime fiction so much?

message 2: by Gill's (new)

Gill's likes reading (wwwgoodreadsgilltaylor) HI ALL,

Seems that it may be a crime not be sharing whats good, whats not in crime so here goes...

I am reading the series by Mark Billingham, I am 3 books down and about as many to go. So far Billingham has enthralled me right to the end of each book.

The main detective is D.I. Tom Thorne who when he 'speaks' I hear David Jason in his role in Frost! I think it is because the wit is very similar. You get a real sense of getting to know Thorne as the stories progress. I have never yet guessed the murderer until the last pages when it becomes more clear.

I love psychological crime fiction. I love seeing the psychology behind the crime/s. It is important for me to have someone write with a good knowledge of psychology to make it more plausible. All the time I am reading I am making mental notes about what and why to see if I can work it out.

What does anyone else think?

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