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Marcy Joslyn I have read all of Marian Keyes books and they are all so great. I think Angels is one of my favorites but they are all so great. You will have to let me know if you like it because I have them all.

Amanda So Marcy, what did you think about This Charming Man?

GateGypsy Angels was given to me as a gift by another online friend -- we were meant to encourage each other to read a genre we generally don't by sending a really good example of what the genre can be like, so she sent me Angels. I must admit, I was really impressed/surprised by this book classified as "chick lit" because it was really entertaining and interesting and deep. I liked it enough to pick up another Marian Keyes book, anyway! So far Watermelon is going really well, and what's better is I have no idea how she's going to resolve the ending and I'm less than 50 pages away from it! I like surprises.

Laura I have to say I love Marian Keyes, I think she is a truly awesoeme and natural writter wth a flair for comedy!The Walsh family are by far my favourites and I am rarely disappointed by her books. A great girly bubblegum read!!!

Lark I like the audio versions.

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Kb Love Marian Keyes, From Watermelon to Lucy Sullivan is getting married and Rachel's Holiday "real men", Angels, and This Charming Man and loads more in between. I am never disappointed when I pick up one of her books - well not yet anyway. She is always a great storyteller who will have you in kinks and in the next moment in tears. I recommend her to anyone - especially those still following Evanovich - get yourself over into Keyes stable.

Lark The narrator of the audio books I've "read" has a wonderful voice. That adds to the enjoyment.

Shabneez My first Marian Keyes book was Watermelon, right now I'm reading The brightest star in the sky. It's really nice and I'm loving it. The way she writes makes the reader easily identify herself (and how we live!) to the characters in the book, it's so real! :p Has anyone of you read "In 5 easy steps"- by Lum Kit-Wye? It's a must-read!! ;)

Kelly Jamieson Marian Keyes is one of my favorite authors! I've read all her books too. Does anybody know if she will have a new book out any time soon? It seems like a long time...

Penny Kelly, she stopped writing for a while due to battling depression (check out her website, she talks about it a bit there), but YAY, she has a new book coming out next year, and I'm pretty sure it's a Walsh one!! (C:

Kelly Jamieson Oh I'll go check her website. I hope it is a Walsh book, I've been waiting for the last sister's story!

Penny I'm certain it is, but can't remember where I read it!! If I find the blog I read it on, I'll post it here!!

Kelly Jamieson Yay!! Thanks for posting that! (Though that's still so far away :-( )

Amanda I'm not a huge lover of chick lit but I absolutely adore Marian Keyes and don't find her books to be as 'chick lit-y' as others. Angels is prob my fave, although I love all the books that feature the Walshe family. Another fave is Rachel's Holiday. Her books are always very witty and really depict Irish families very well.


Donna Love Marian Keyes. Jolly boys and Real Man fabulous. The humour in the books is brilliant!!

Melanie Yesterday, I received a newsletter from her. It was posted on her website: http://www.mariankeyes.com/newsletter...

I'm glad to see she's got a new book coming out. :-)

Amanda Melanie wrote: "Yesterday, I received a newsletter from her. It was posted on her website: http://www.mariankeyes.com/newsletter...

I'm glad to see she's got a new bo..."

Oh that's great and I see it's another Walshe family book. I was wondering when she'd write one on Helen. Exciting! Thank you for that link! I wonder what she was going through in her personal life? It sounds like depression. She has suffered with it in the past. I hope she's okay now.


Elizabeth(The Book Whisperer) I love Marian's books! The Walsh ones are my favs too! I am reading Sushi For Beginners right now.

Rachel I am really excited about the idea of another Walsch book! Yay for another book!

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Tee Loved this book, especially loved Rachels Holiday, l literally LOL whilst reading, looking forward to reading the 4th Walsh book, love the sense of humour of Marian Keyes and how she describes the emotions of her characters, reading This Charming Man at the moment, halfway through.

Margaret While reading Watermelon, I found myself laughing out loud. My poor husband kept saying, "What? What's so funny?" That was the beginning of my love for Marian Keyes books.

Elizabeth(The Book Whisperer) I loved Watermelon! It was so funny! My whole house thought I was crazy because I was laughing out loud. Marian Keyes is a wonderful writer, I hear Helen Walsh's
will be out in September. I can't wait, she is my favorite Walsh sister.

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