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Sonia Vidal This book was an amazing read with out being overly religious or critical of one religion over another. It's a very fast read with facintating characters. If you liked The Da Vinci Code - you'll like this one.

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Kathleen McGowan Dear Sonia: Thank you fro your review

Thank you for your support. I hope you like TBOL as much:)

There will be several pieces of music added at Kathleen's website over the next few days. Links haven't been posted yet but here is a link to one piece

I hope you enjoy


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Sonia Vidal Tom,

I couldn't access the website but I am definately interested in hearing the pieces once the link is posted. TBOL is my next book to read - I sure I will love it as much as the first book.



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Kathleen McGowan Sonia; You couldn't access

or you couldn't access the link

Both are working on my end.

Please let me know as i want to help you access both locations

What browser are you using? Internet Ex, Firefox etc. And are you on high speed or dial up. Sorry for all the questions :)Tom

Dinah I loved this book and loved the series. I more enjoyed the time spent in the past with the two books I read. I am just starting the Poet Prince and am so excited.

I really wish people would stop comparing this to the DaVinci code. Two me the only similarity is that they both talk about Mary Magdeline. The writing is soo much better here.

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Vince Carter here is a new twist on the bloodline
The Return by Carter Vance The Return

A fictional account of how the Second Coming might happen now

Jodi I loved, loved this series! Read them quite some time ago but have kept them for re-reading - which I do on favorites. I'm always on the lookout fore more!

Alii Hamimi I loved,

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