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Question regarding "Berlington, Vermont" and teh Whacko

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Holden Attradies So I generally don't even think about the race/ethnicity of a character unless it is brought up in the text of a book. During this chapter the race of the president and vice president is brought up, but every time I read it I feel it's so vague I don't have a clear view of what I'm supposed to picture.

Whats your take? Was the president (I think his name was mentioned later as "Sinclair") African-american? Was the whacko Caucasian?

Will The President is clearly supposed to be Colin Powell. And "the whacko" is Howard Dean, whose campaign crashed and burned over the "Yee-haw!" incident. (The Attorney-General is Giuliani.)

Holden Attradies That was what I had thought when I first read it. Does Colin Powell have family in... well, crap, now I can't remember where they say his family was in the book. The line was something like, "You know he never even check on his family in ________."

Will Right, " Jamaica".

Holden Attradies Well, that seems pretty clear than. Do you know if Brooks has ever come right out and said those were who he modeled the characters after? I also always kind of pictured the morning radio host that's name gets redacted as Howard Stern.

Kirby whoa, totally missed these references. I'll have to eventually reread it, and pay closer attention.

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