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Unreleased Novels?

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message 1: by Tracie (new)

Tracie | 7 comments Hello Love Inspired Friends!

Does anyone know me how readers get copies of LIH that are not released yet? I see reviews of many unreleased books, just curious?


message 2: by Judy (new)

Judy NetGalley is a review site you can join. That is where I read most of the LI's that I review before their release.

message 3: by Ausjenny (new)

Ausjenny | 4668 comments authors also sent books to influencers

message 4: by JanetTronstad (new)

JanetTronstad Author Tronstad | 2755 comments Mod
And, Tracie, the folks in the book clubs get books before the release date.

message 5: by Rhonda (new)

Rhonda Gibson (RhondaGibson) | 201 comments Tracie, I just got the March releases from the bookclub. It's easy to join and I love getting the books so early :) Hope that helps.

message 6: by Tracie (new)

Tracie | 7 comments Great, I am checking out NetGalley.
Is the book club from Harlequin?

message 7: by Dawn (new)

Dawn (baseballblondie) | 75 comments I'm with Rhonda on this one. I just got my March releases via the Reader Service bookclub.

Yes Tracie, the bookclub is from Harlequin.

message 8: by Tracie (new)

Tracie | 7 comments Thanks Dawn, I am excited to check out the bookclub =)

message 9: by Love Inspired (new)

Love Inspired Books (loveinspiredbooks) | 75 comments The Harlequin book club gets you the books 6-8 weeks early. You can find the information here:

You can also buy releases a month early at

Hope that helps!

message 10: by Tracie (new)

Tracie | 7 comments I did it, thanks Dream!

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