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Kili the Dwarf - live or die?

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Erika Meidenbauer I saw the movie and OMG Aiden Turner did an amazing job at turning a plain old dwarf into a hot wonderful character! so in the end of the book, kili dies, who thinks kili should live in the movie??????

Phoenix2 He should live. I mean they changed so many things, cant they skip this part of the book too?

Tara But by keeping Kili alive, that ruins the emotions behind the story. With Aidan making Kili so real, his death will have so much more impact. And they didn't change the book; they added to it, using material Tolkien wrote. By keeping Kili alive, that will change the story and is not what Tolkien wrote.

Erika Meidenbauer that makes sense...but kili is such a great character...

Tara That's why it's going to be so emotional. Otherwise, it's just a cutesy story. But add in characters we love and grow to know and have them die what they believe for? That's good writing.

Jarred Snowball fili and kili both die

Mrs. Sottiriou I think the only reason why people really care about whether he dies or not is because he's so good one really cares about his character. Yes, he adds some humor. But, in the end, his character is just as underdeveloped as the other dwarf characters.

message 8: by Rob (new) - rated it 5 stars

Rob Andrews I don't care if he's good looking or not. :)

It would be nice if the story was followed a little more faithfully but this is big business and hey, moving mountain transformer giants and some odious Rodney Dangerfield-esque Goblin King have a higher eye candy value than fell voices in the night and some kidnapping orcs at the back of a cave :P

Zack There can be no true victory without true sacrifice. I think the ending made sense. Even though my two favorite dwarves (Behind Thorin) die, the company can never forget Kili and Fili, but they gave it all back to the dwarven race. It was... fair. Not right, not good, but fair.

Vermin Supreme™ I will blow a casket if they don't kill Kili, Fili, and Thorin. Seriously, that's what makes the story amazing. It would be horrible directing on Peter's part, and so many fans would be outraged. It would be an awful mistake to do such a thing, and it would completely ruin the trilogy, that is so far, doing a great job following the storyline. Of course, they added in Azog, but I think it was just because the first part of the book if fairly boring, and they wanted to hold the audiences attention.

But seriously. It would be rubbish if they scrapped the death scenes. Personally, I was a bit upset at how short and brief they were in the novel, and I would love to see a full-blown emotional smack to the face watching the movie to make up for the lessened feelings I felt reading the book.

Jasmine My girl side wants them to keep Kili alive, on my Hobbit-loving side, KILL HIM!!!

Chris Ward A good movie, like a good book, needs peaks and troughs of emotion. If he doesn't die the rhythm will flatline and the movie will become too safe. He'll definitely die!

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

I told my mum that Fili, Kili and Thorin all die, and she said, "Well I'm not watching the other movies."

I roll my eyes.

They do kill the most good-looking dwarves but still I guess people care more about good looking ones WHICH IS NOT COOL

Personally after Kili I like the old one the best I think its Balin. He seems so nice and kind! Then Thorin, he's cool, then that little one with the fringe, was it Ori? Then Kili, and I forgot the rest. Has anyone else noticed how blue Frodo's eyes are? They're scary blue!!

Vermin Supreme™ Yes, you got all the names right.

Elijah's eyes are amazing. One of the reasons I love him so much. A lot of people think he wears contacts, but he only wears prescription contacts to correct his crummy sight.
This is actually quite a funny behind-the-scenes video of Return of the King that I love. The cast members are all awesome, and I love their banter.

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Does it have spoilers for return of the king?

Vermin Supreme™ Not that I know of.

You haven't seen ROTK yet?

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

I haven't seen or read any of LOTR, only the hobbit which both were amazing, both the movie and the book. I have a copy of Fellowship of the Ring waiting for me on my shelf but I have to finish a few series before I start a new one, I try to stick to that rule. But I'm trying hard to read quickly, I'm excited to start it!

Vermin Supreme™ Ah. Then I suggest you wait until you see the films to watch any behind the scenes videos. It helps you get better connected to the cast, I guess?

I love the entire cast from both The Hobbit and LOTR. They're all so adorable together!

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Oh well, I just saw it. Hasn't spoiled anything except that frodo gets wrapped up in some green stuff. Meh. Anyway, my brother used to stare at everything when he was a baby but his eyesight is fine. It's just a little scary when we watch those Family videos... They all have Irish accents!! Aaaarrggh I need to read LOTR so I can wacth the films!!!

Sophie Live!

Alana I have read the book and it made me cry at that bit, I hope he lives even though it would be incorrect it would mean that I don't have to cry at the cinema.
And I'm not going to lie but Kili is FIT! XD

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Gerd All I have to say is that if they kili the dwarf it's die.
*cheap pun iz cheap* :D

Damon Wakes Tara wrote: "But by keeping Kili alive, that ruins the emotions behind the story. With Aidan making Kili so real, his death will have so much more impact. And they didn't change the book; they added to it, usin..."

You'd be hard pressed to claim that all those additions don't count as changing the book. There are also more subtle differences. I know this is really subjective, but the movie seems to be far more epic/heroic than the book. I remember the dwarves mostly being out for treasure in the book, while in the movie they mostly want their home back. It's the same basic situation, but seen from a very different angle. No worries about how they deal with Kili, though: if Jackson is aiming for epic, keeping Kili's death definitely seems like the way to go.

Devero They both died.
Standing aside theyr uncle Thorin.

The question is: will they die before or after Thorin?

TINNGG (my ears are ringing from Eowyn's attempt at singing. Why PJ? Why???)

As I said to a fellow ring nut, I have mixed feelings now about watching the next two installments. OTOH, I really want to see it, but on the other hand... Yeah. I blame casting on this. As a hetero female with a pulse, I can't help being disturbed that all the eye candy is sporting a red shirt/cape/bullseye.

Erika When I read the book, Kili was just another dwarf. Aidan Turner did an AMAZING job playing him. It was like, "Oh my gosh. They have feelings and emotions. I think I'm about to cry, because I know they die. I would love if Kili lived, but that's not how Tolkien wrote it. It's SO much more emotional since he died.

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Matt Crumpton They should stick with the story and kill Fili, Kili, and Thorin. Peter Jackson will do this, I am confident to say. In LOTR if someone died in the books, he carried that over into the films. He will do the same with this trilogy.

David Williams They will die standing over their fallen uncle. Thorin will die after the battle. He will be able to reconcile with Bilbo. At least I hope so.

Erika Meidenbauer honestly, i'm excited to see the death scene. I'd love it for kili to live, but that really wouldn't be good, it would change too much of the story. But imagine...aiden turner in full battle mode fighting to the death...i just think that will be totally hot...

Sparrowlicious Faith wrote: "I think there is much more to be said about actors' performances other than hotness. All of these talented and hardworking people spend their energy and time and all they get is " yep , so hot." I ..."

I agree.
What the heck.
It's a serious problem that the majority of people judge others only by their looks. That's extremely sad. /: Also, that boob song... Seth McFarlane shoulnd't be allowed to moderate anything ever again. What a sexist jerk. Well, I won't go on about this now, there are plenty of good blogs about this thing already who do a better job at this than me.

A bit random but yeah: I really like Martin Freeman as an actor because of the faces he makes. I think he was quite good in Sherlock (I guess because his performance there was sometimes hilarious.) A female actor I really like is Katie McGrath. Oh gosh. She was amazing in Merlin. Especially in Season 3 when she played Morgana as someone who played to be nice but was actually evil. :D Woah. And that, Ladies and Gentlemen had nothing to do with heir boobs.

Oh well, back to topic, I guess:
After already seeing people over at the Bechdel Test website suggesting changes like making some of the dwarves female I dare say I hope they don't change much more about the story.
I agree that there should be more heroines in movies and I agree that Fili And Kili's death is tragic, but keeping to the book is actually making a good adaption.

message 31: by Nurlely (last edited Feb 27, 2013 09:53PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Nurlely Fili and Kili will die from protecting their uncle, Thorin, which eventually dies from his fatal wounds. I think it will be a very heart-wrenching moment, but I will definitely see the movies. JRR Tolkien's books are not some cute young adults fantasy novels, so they are not bound to satisfy us with living characters by the end of the day. And I am so in love with his books because of that!

Peter Jackson might add something more than is written in the books, but he never swayed from the original story. He will make The Hobbit trilogy as awesome as LOTR movies

message 32: by L.S. (new) - rated it 4 stars

L.S. Dubbleyew Hi All... new to Goodreads and joining some interesting threads, this being one of them. Big Tolkien fan. Big LOTR fan. Loved the movies...mostly the trilogy, a bit disappointed in the Hobbit only because the orcs,ogres and goblins were a bit too buffoonish and video game-like. It wasn't the special effects, it was some of the dialogue. When one of the goblins said he'd like to have some "chips," with his took me a bit out of the story...stuff like that. And I loved that part in the book. Anyway, its great to read all your comments...

Zhanaestilinski HOLYSH!TTTT.NOOOOOOOO. I just completely ruined the book ending for myself by clicking on this thread.Awesome.

message 34: by Skut (last edited Mar 03, 2013 12:48PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Skut L Ugh, fangirls. Kili and Fili die and Thorin dies, get over it, it's important in the grand scheme of storytelling and is common in the sort of saga that the legacy of The Hobbit is a part of.

One of the things I dislike most about the Hobbit films is that the dwarves do not look like dwarves. It says quite plainly in the book that nearly all of them have beards that tuck into their belts, not prettyboy stubble.

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They should have Kili die in the movie because thats what happened in the book

message 36: by Sylvie (last edited May 19, 2013 08:40PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sylvie Fili and Kili were my favorite characters in the book, and I remember being really mad when they died. I don't remember any emotional scene or reason they died, it was as if Tolkien just kind of threw it out there. (Oh, and by the way, Fili and Kili DIED!) I remember thinking WTH??

David Williams I've been re-reading the Forgotten Realms books of R. A. Salvatore and I finally discovered the source of Jackson's dwarves. The film dwarves are in the tradition of Dungeons and Dragons, they don't seem to bear a lot of Tolkien's influence. Oh well, what do you expect.

Sorrel Yes Kili is hot in the film but in the film but in the book all the dwarves are rather short, old and with multi-coloured beards. So to try and be as true to the film as they can be with dwarves without multi coloured beards Kili must die. Also this has been annoying me: how does everyone pronounce Smaug? And how does everyone pronounce Kili? They pronounced it differently in the film to what I thought.

message 39: by Corrin (new)

Corrin Thulbourne Although I love the book I really hope they don't kill kili or fili- it would be nice for their story to be expanded on and even though their relationship with thorin is shown when they die defending him, I think killing them would be a shame.

Atleast they are going into more depth on his character- Peter Jackson has assured us!

message 40: by Corrin (new)

Corrin Thulbourne I think that the death scene will be amazing but emotional.I watched the hobbit and then read the book. The death was so sad, but it was very effective. Brothers in combat, till the end. It's going to be so good!

Teresa Edgerton I think one reason they are building up the characters of Fili and Kili (and making Kili so heroic -- Thorin always seems to be calling Kiiiili when orcs attack, and Kili responds by killing a few with his bow while the other dwarves retreat) is so that we will cry like babies when they die. I've never shed a tear for them in the book -- although that may be because they die offstage, which I am sure will not be the case in the movie.

If Kili dies defending Tauriel instead of Thorin I will be thoroughly disgusted.

//claire yes, because if it's in the book it should be in the movie. An ending can't end with everyone living happily ever after-there has to be some sadness.

David Williams There are very good reasons for the death of the characters in the book. As a man who served in the trenches in the First World War Tolkien understood that war has tragic consequences. In war, victory is always bittersweet. As a soldier and as a scholar of literature He understood this at a very deep level. Thorin's pride lead not only to his own death, but also the death of his nephews and the end of that branch of Durin's line.

David Williams I think that some folks are forgetting that Fili and Kili are not primary characters in the books. They have very little time in the book. Balin is the dwarf with the most "page time," aside from Thorin. Their roles were increased in the films to help pad them out to 9 hours. The very nature of their deaths, falling while standing over their uncle, who was both the patriarch of the family and their king, would have been the highest form of honor in most ancient warrior cultures.

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Ruth Erika wrote: "I saw the movie and OMG Aiden Turner did an amazing job at turning a plain old dwarf into a hot wonderful character! so in the end of the book, kili dies, who thinks kili should live in the movie?..."

HECK NO! For Pete's sake, if he lived it would ruin everything!

message 46: by Luis (new)

Luis Antonio I got the feeling that Tauriel is gonna die too :(

Jordan I can't believe we're even talking about this....

Theodosia of the Fathomless Hall Luis wrote: "I got the feeling that Tauriel is gonna die too :("

Me too!
Well, when I read The Hobbit I was puzzled why they died but then I realized Tolkien-being in WWI would have known a great deal of young men who died. I found that as an explanation for characters who normally would have not, got killed.
As for the movie as much as it pains the fangirl to admit it they should be in the movie as well :(

David Williams What's a Tauriel?

Theodosia of the Fathomless Hall She's the red-haired elve in the trailer, I hope you weren't kidding :)

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