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I hate ace bandages.

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They're a really ugly accessory. Do they come in black?

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I also hate splints and slings.

Tomorrow is one week until my trip to NY! Yay!!!!!! (I'm looking on the bright side.)

Servius  Heiner One word Montambo... dye.

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One more word...bedazzler.

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My arm won't lay flat. Do you know how creepy that is? Creepy!!!!!!!!!! It makes me never want to put on my splint, again! It has bent and twisted me permanantly!


I'm really freaked out. Even pushing through pain, I can't get it to lay straight. It just won't. It's GROSS!!!!!!

Alfonso, will you still like me if I'm deformed when I get there?

Servius  Heiner He is already running... you should probably just stay at home now.

heh kidding.

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