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What would you want?
Maya Patel Maya Jan 21, 2013 01:50PM
What is one thing that you would want that is from the Harry Potter books and why?

Example: I would want the invisibility cloak so I can play pranks on my friends and family.

I want a Timer-Turner! or some of the stuff from Weasley's Wizard Weazes, that was awesome!

The ability to be a real witch, and be good successful at any magic I attempted.

I would want a broomstick. Just get away and go wherever you want... :)

I'd want to be a witch. Everything comes with being a witch/wizard- wand, broomstick, etc.

A broom stick,i want to fly

I would like to have Hermoine's Time turner. I love the idea of being it two place at the same time.

I would want to be a Weasley. I love their family!

All of the money from Gringotts

I would want probably a owl like Harry ! He was cute and could bring me mail from my friends so it would be air mail! And my dad would never know!

I would love to go to Hogwartz!

I want to be a witch..and to attend to Hogwarts(that's school is way more awesome than mine..)

I want my Hogwarts acceptance letter :-)

A wand :)

I want to be a witch and attend Hogwarts!

I would say a wand, but in the off-chance that I'm a Muggle with not a drop of magical blood in my veins, it might not work for me. But I did say off-chance. So I'm sticking with a wand.

I'm kind of surprised no one has said a wand! I would go with the wand, because it's the most useful.

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